Preview: Test of Strength – Unforgettable (11/6/21)

Test of Strength - Unforgettable
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Following the events of Halloween Throwdown 2, Test of Strength is returning with a card that can potentially help some of those who were wronged on the last show get some vengeance. Every match seems to have something at stake and, as we approach the end of the calendar year, it shouldn’t be any other way! Here’s what to know about Test of Strength – Unforgettable.

Test of Strength – Unforgettable Full Card

Travis Jacobs and Amber Carreras vs Encore Moore and Notorious Mimi

Encore Moore and Notorious Mimi have been teaming together in Test of Strength for some time now, even holding a victory over the team of Dan DeMan and JBoujii. Travis Jacobs and Amber Carreras will have quite the task ahead of them, as Moore and Mimi could be positioning themselves for a future tag team title opportunity!

TJ Howell III, Kongo, Adrian Santos, El Trabajador and ? (w/Aubrey) vs Mike Skyros, Bobby Ocean, Ray Jaz, Ryan Fraust and ?

While a few of these participants are still unknown, one would likely not want to be across the ring from the team of Mike Skyros, Bobby Ocean, Ray Jaz, and Ryan Fraust. Fraust is fresh off of a definitive win over his former caddy, TJ Howell III. Mike Skyros lost the K1 Classic Championship last month and may take out those frustrations on the opposing team. This match is likely to have enough action that there should be two referees!

Dan DeMan, Brother Greatness, Evie De La Rosa and Sukhvinder (w/Patrick Saint) vs Karen Bam Bam, Mark Alexander, Love Doug, and Dicky Moon

At Halloween Throwdown 2, Karen Bam Bam was on the way to securing a victory over Evie De La Rosa when Dan DeMan and Brother Greatness came out and attacked Bam Bam. This match hopes to see Bam Bam exact revenge alongside Mark Alexander, who is normally a referee but is about as fed up with the antics of DeMan as everyone else is. The team of Peace & LoveDicky Moon and Love, Doug– join forces as well to make this the team of Peace, Love & Bam! DeMan is hopefully on his way to learning his lesson the hard way and he’s taking Brother Greatness along for the ride. How De La Rosa fits into all of this is not certain, but if DeMan is not a fan of women in wrestling, how well can they work together?

ToS Tag Team Championship: The Firm (c) (w/Jay Bryxx) vs Kylon King and Dustin Waller

On the past two ToS, the TOS Heavyweight and K1 Classic titles changed hands. Could this be the time for the ToS Tag Team Championship to do the same? The team of Kylon King and Dustin Waller have been putting on some of the best matches this year- both together and individually- and they face their biggest challenge yet as they go for the titles. While fans don’t seem to like The Firm, you cannot deny their talent. This is going to be one of the single best tag team matches of 2021 and it is very possible new tag team titleholders will be crowned.

K1 Classic Championship: Ichiban (c) vs Mantequilla

While Ichiban captured the K1 Classic Championship at Halloween Throwdown 2 in a hard-fought contest, the first title defense might just be the last. Mantequilla has appeared in promotions such as Camp Leapfrog and House of Glory and in the ring with wrestlers such as ABBS, Super Crazy, KC Navarro, Matt Macintosh, and Facade. This match at Test of Strength – Unforgettable promises to be high flying and win or lose, everyone involved will come out better after having experienced it.

ToS Heavyweight Championship: Magnificent Marcos (c) (w/Honest Abe) vs Jora Johl vs SWB

Jora Johl won a number one contender’s match at Halloween Throwdown 2 and it can only be assumed that Magnificent Marcos is in this match because only the General Manager seems to like him. With the odds stacked against him, Marcos might lose the title here, but with Honest Abe by his side, there is likely some way in which Marcos will cheat to win. Whether it is SWB or Johl, fans will certainly be happy to see a new champion crowned at Unforgettable because everyone knows that if you have to call yourself “magnificent” you probably aren’t.

Test of Strength’s Unforgettable takes place on Saturday, November 6, 2021, in Torrington, CT. For more information and tickets, click here.

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