#AndNEW: Rina Shingaki Wins Triangle Ribbon Championship

Rina Shingaki Triangle Ribbon Championship
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During Ice Ribbon’s show at 176BOX in Osaka, the Triangle Ribbon Championship was on the line. In a three-way match, the champion, Totoro Satsuki, defending against Rina Shingaki and Miu Aono. Unfortunately, for Satsuki, she couldn’t get a defense in during her reign, as Rina Shingaki picked up the victory and the Triangle Ribbon title with it. With this loss, Shingaki’s title reign has come to an end at 69 days. She won the title this past August in, ironically enough, a three-way match; her competitors, on this night, were Ram Kaicho and then-titleholder Thekla.

It’s unknown who will challenge Rina Shingaki for the Triangle Ribbon Championship. However, what is guaranteed is that she will be losing the title soon enough; earlier in the year, Shingaki announced that she would be retiring. She began her in-ring career in 2018, wrestling primarily for KAIENTAI DOJO, headed by Taka Michinoku. From there, she made her way to other promotions, including OZ Academy, Pro Wrestling WAVE, and Active Advance Pro Wrestling. On the same day she won the Triangle Ribbon Championship, Shingaki worked an event for Actwres girl’Z, where she faced and bested Yuko Sakurai.

This Triangle Ribbon title reign seems to be following Shingaki’s former Joint Army teammate Matsuya Uno, who also held the title just before she retired. Stay tuned to Last Word on Pro Wrestling for more news regarding Shingaki and Ice Ribbon at large.

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