Ohio Valley Wrestling to partner with The Action Channel

Per a recent press release, Ohio Valley Wrestling programming will now be featured on The Action Channel.

“We are proud to join the ACTION CHANNEL family when OVW TV makes our debut on Saturday, October 2nd, at 10 PM. We truly believe that we offer one of the best wrestling action in the world we’re excited to share that with the ACTION viewers. We’ve seen unprecedented growth in 2021 and now we have another great opportunity to expand our passionate OVW fan base.”

— Ohio Valley Wrestling CEO Al Snow —

This another major coup for the Louisville-based promotion. It’s long known for its history of developing some of the biggest names in the history of pro wrestling. John Cena, Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton, among dozens and dozens of others, are all OVW alumni. For decades? It’s been a factory of grappling excellence.

Al Snow says this is another chance to give the company more exposure.

“We are very excited to be partners with the Action Channel,” Al Snow commented to Last Word on Pro Wrestling. “It gives us the opportunity to continue to expand the exposure of OVW and our roster, to even more homes nationally.”

Since Snow assumed control of Ohio Valley Wrestling in 2018, the company has fostered several television partnerships. They’ve now added The Action Channel. But, OVW also airs on Game+, Cox Sports TV, YouToo America and RCN-TV.

OVW not only balances operating as a wrestling school, but one of the top regional companies in the country. It’s constantly developing great new talent.

Now? Snow – along with partners Matt Jones and Craig Greenberg – have built a built a television network that reaches more homes than any other wrestling promotion besides WWE.

This is another huge move for Ohio Valley Wrestling

OVW has always been ground-breaking. From its origins to modern day, it’s survived and thrived through ownership changes, affiliation switches, and many other ups and and downs. And it continues to evolve today, by adding The Action Channel to their host of TV partners.

OVW talent sound pretty happy about the move and say it’s just another step forward for the promotion.

“It’s a tremendous honor and privilege joining The Action Channel and Get After It Media family,” OVW National Heavyweight Champion Jesse Godderz said. “Everyone at OVW Wrestling is beyond thrilled to become part of such an amazing, world-renowned company. We continue to grow at an ever-expanding pace.”

“We can’t wait to debut this coming Saturday Night. We’re going to bring the best wrestling TV Show in the world today to a brand new group of fans to enjoy each week. Now THAT is what I call PEC-Tacular!!

OVW produces one of the most high-quality independent programs in wrestling.

The move to The Action Channel will now doubt continue that trend.

“OVW has taken some amazing growth steps in 2021 and now we add another network to the family,” said Michael Melchor, one of Ohio Valley Wrestling’s producers. “I’m thrilled that The Action Channel is giving our athletes and staff a platform to show our talents and the hard work we’ve all put into growing OVW.”

With all the expansion that OVW is currently going through? The future looks bright for wrestling’s greatest developmental territory. And come October 2nd? It will be time for some more ACTION.

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Check out Ohio Valley Wrestling on You Tube, or visit their website for a list of all their television affiliates.

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