AEW Will Serve up a Great Show at Grand Slam

As AEW heads towards their historic Grand Slam show at Arthur Ashe Stadium next week, they are on the verge of taking one of their biggest swings ever.

With a reported 18,000 seats already sold, AEW is set to sweat… in one of the most famous tennis arenas in the world.

And the fact that the venue happens to be in New York only adds to the luster of this special event. As this company continues to open eyes? It makes sense that they are set to perform in the city that never sleeps.

Currently in the court of public opinion, All Elite Wrestling appears to be up 40-Love on WWE. And they’re still not done firing shots.

They’ve added an amazing array of talent and have strung together weeks of top-notch programming. They vanquished NXT in the (short-lived) Wednesday Night Wars. And now? Their ratings are starting to knock on the door of Monday Night RAW’s. That was almost unheard of when they anounced the launch of the promotion just a couple of years ago.

And?  They haven’t been afraid to make their feelings known that they believe they’re the best wrestling company in the world today.

Quite frankly… AEW is the John McEnroe of the pro wrestling world right now. Brash and maybe even a little over-the-top, but always willing to do whatever it takes to win. Even if it sometimes seems to be a bit out of bounds.

It seems like every week, AEW has more and more ‘major’ moments, so playing on a stage that hosts a tennis major only makes sense. They will have the chance to be on display on September 22nd. In an arena that has already seen it’s fair share of big-time, sporting events.

It will be ‘break point’ for AEW, as the try to send another backhand in the direction of WWE with Grand Slam.

It’s a huge volley back in the direction of WWE that AEW is going to eventually outsell them in the Big Apple. A city that is considered Vince McMahon’s home turf. After all? New York has always been his racket. Seeing this upstart promotion scoring points there must irk the WWE owner.

As for AEW? This is a chance for them to go crosscourt and explore the biggest market in the US. At the same time while they are at their hottest stretch yet. The belief is that they will receive a huge response in Queens, and that it will continue to build the promotion’s momentum.

AEW doesn’t need to swing their hardest next week. They just need to hold serve. Because if all goes well?
It could be GAME. SET. MATCH.

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