Heels on Starz Episode Five Review: Swerve

Heels on Starz Episode Five

Heels on Starz Episode Five begins with Crystal in the middle of the ring, which is enclosed by four steel cage-type walls. Crystal cuts a promo about how she and Ace are better than the crowd and that all they care about is the DWL title. 

Heels On Starz Episode Five Review and Recap

Shortly after, the lights come back on and it’s revealed that Crystal was only practicing her promo for the upcoming show. Jack Spade was a big fan of it while her partner, Ace Spade, wasn’t. 

Bill Hancock… Apologizes?

The next scene cuts to a press conference held by the “big league” wrestling company. “Wild” Bill Hancock was the main speaker and apologizes to the press for his public nudity incident and all of his other dangerous tropes that he’s displayed in the past few weeks. Hancock promises to spend a short amount of time in rehab before returning to the company. 

Shortly after Hancock left the press conference, he ends up running into Jack Spade. Hancock tries to convince Jack to let him lend a hand in DWL, but Jack is very stern about the situation, threatening to hurt Hancock if he didn’t leave the property. 

State Fair Dreams

Heels on Starz Episode Five skips forward to the night of the DWL’s next show. Jack makes a special announcement that people from the State Fair commission will be attending and evaluating the league to potentially perform at the state fair. Notably, Ace Spade is absent from this talent meeting. 

Ace eventually shows up to the meeting, but late. He sees Crystal and Bobby Pin celebrating over a sports bet they won, which causes him to go straight to Jack’s office and tells him that Tricia (the bartender from the previous episode) is his new valet. 

Crystal and Pin are called into Jack’s office shortly after. They’re informed of the change in plans to where Crystal is now Pin’s valet and Tricia is Ace’s new valet. Crystal automatically points the finger at Ace for this, but Jack ensures her that it was his idea to make the change. Crystal is visibly shaken up by this. 

Jack is shown having dinner with the state fair officials. Jack is accompanied by his son Thomas, who helps explain to the officials about the emotion and passion that wrestling brings out in people. Thomas hasn’t had many speaking parts in the show so far, but he really nailed this one. 

As the DWL faithful begin to line up for tonight’s show, a familiar face shows up. Bill Hancock scurries through the line and buys a ticket to get into the show. Minutes before the show begins, Hancock gives Crystal advice and tells her that she’s a bigger star than anybody else in the DWL. Crystal and Tricia end up getting in a small scuffle in the backstage area before the main event of the show. 


The match before the main event is a battle royale. Rooster Robbins and Diego Cottonmouth are the final two guys standing. Cottonmouth was scheduled to win the match, but there was an exchange where Rooster thought about going into business for himself and screwing Cottonmouth over. Rooster eventually decides to not risk it and go with the scheduled finish. 

The main event steel cage match between Ace Spade and Bobby Pin finally rolls around. Whenever Crystal gets in the ring, she snatches the microphone from Ace and goes off-script. Crystal brings the real-life drama of her cheating on Ace with Bobby into the storyline and reveals that they’ve broken up, which gets massive support from the crowd. Crystal personally introduces Ace’s new valet as “somebody who is more pathetic than he is.”

Heels on Starz
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The match goes completely off the rails quickly, as Ace is working “stiff” and actually hurting Bobby. The match gets completely out of order and it results in Ace tapping out Bobby with a leg lock in the middle of the ring, much to the crowd’s dismay. 

Ace doesn’t let go after Bobby taps. He continues to stretch the leg further and further and eventually pops the bone out of the socket, making it pierce right through the skin. A dead silence falls over the crowd as Bobby is stretchered to the back. 

Hancock goes into business for himself… Again

Bill Hancock, who’s been watching the show from the crowd, decides to take matters into his own hands. After the ring is cleared, he grabs a microphone and starts pandering to the crowd about how DWL sucks and isn’t anything compared to what it was when he was around. Eventually, Hancock makes a challenge to both Jack and Ace for a three-way ladder match. Jack, being the professional that he is, doesn’t stop Hancock from cutting this promo but instead accepts his challenge. 

The final scene shows the majority of the DWL roster in the hospital as Bobby Pin gets his leg operated on. Jack eventually catches wind that Ace is there and pins him against a soda machine with his forearm to his throat – before realizing that Thomas is watching the whole encounter from only a few feet away. 

Heels on Starz Episode Five Review

Crystal (Kelli Berglund) continues to be the strong character that you want to root for, and this episode was all about furthering her story. She plays the sympathy angle off very well, and from a viewer standpoint, she practically deserves to run the whole DWL at this point. Although she did go off-script, she got a fantastic reaction from the crowd and showed that if Bill Hancock was right about anything, it was her talent. 

Ace Spade continues to be the troubled guy that you want to root for, but can’t because of the awful and mean-spirited decisions that he continues to make. Ace has done enough things in the show where his character is at the brink of being unredeemable. 

I feel like Bill Hancock’s involvement in the next show will push Willie Day over the edge, causing her to leave the company and join the Florida Wrestling Dystopia. I also could see Jack and Ace coming together by just wrecking Hancock and making sure he stays away for good this time. 

Overall, Episode Five of Heels on Starz was quite enjoyable. Crystal’s character angle carried the episode and made me more invested in her arc than anything else on the entire show.

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