Preview: 2021 AJPW SUPER DELUXE SERIES (9/7/21)

AJPW Super Deluxe Series

On the upcoming All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) show, AJPW starts the 2021 SUPER DELUXE SERIES tour. This tour features five events, with the two major events being September 7th and September 21st. Today, we will be previewing the September 7th show.

Full Card

  • Akira Francesco vs. Rising HAYATO
  • Shuji Ishikawa and Kohei Sato vs. Koji Iwamoto and Ryuki Honda
  • Takao Omori and Black Menso-re vs. Hikaru Sato and Dan Tamura
  • Jake Lee, Tajiri, Hokuto Omori and Yusuke Kodama vs. Yoshitatsu, Jun Saito, Rei Saito & Ryoma Tsukamoto
  • All Asia Tag Team Championship: Zeus and Izanagi (c) vs. T-Hawk and El Lindaman
  • World Junior Heavyweight Championship: SUGI (c) vs. Atsuki Aoyagi
  • World Tag Team Championship: Kento Miyahara and Yuma Aoyagi (c) vs. Suwama and Shotaro Ashino

All Asia Tag Team Championship Match: Zeus & Izanagi (c) Vs. T-Hawk & El Lindaman

Zeus and Izanagi have held the All Asia Tag Team Championships for over a year, with 6 title defenses during their championship reign. Zeus and Izanagi, however, do have a major challenge to their reign with the STRONGHEARTS‘ team of El Lindaman and T-Hawk. El Lindaman and T-Hawk were scheduled to face off against the champions at the Summer Action Series. But due to an injury suffered by T-Hawk, the match would get rescheduled, with T-Hawk being replaced by Issei Onitsuka.

If we were to call this match, we could see this one ending with a title change, with STRONGHEARTS picking up the victory. If there’s one way to solidify a hold in a division, take the All Asia Tag Team Champions. This is also one of the matches to look out for, because this tag team of STRONGHEARTS leads to success and some of the best matches on the card. So we could see a title change for this show.

World Junior Heavyweight Championship Match: SUGI (c) Vs. Asuki Aoyagi

The All Japan Pro Wrestling Junior Division could be described as complete chaos, with the World Junior Heavyweight Championship changing hands multiple times this year. The upcoming title defense stands out in that regard, featuring defending Champion, SUGI, against Atsuki Aoyagi. In the Royal Road Tournament, Atsuki Aoyagi would go the distance, by entering the quarter-finals of the tournament. He would as well gain the attention of SUGI who would get eliminated in the first round of the tournament.

Atsuki Aoyagi, since the beginning of the year, has shown a new light; joining the NEXTREAM faction and even outdoing his brother, Yuma Aoyagi, in the Royal Road Tournament. While SUGI would like to have a stable reign going into this upcoming title defense, if we were to make a prediction, it could go either way. However, we are going to go with SUGI to retain his World Junior Championship here. But if AJPW wanted to start on creating a new Ace-like figure for their junior division, it could be someone like Atsuki Aoyagi. It would be the first championship that Atsuki Aoyagi would hold in All Japan.

World Tag Team Championship Match: Kento Miyahara & Yuma Aoyagi (c) Vs. Suwama & Shotaro Ashino

When it comes to the strangleholds of the All Japan Pro Wrestling World Tag Team Championship Division, Kento Miyahara and Yuma Aoyagi have dominated it for the past year. They overcame the team of the Violent Giants in their first title defense, in the main event of the show. Suwama has a new partner, forged during the Royal Road 2021 final; a team with Shotaro Ashino. Both Suwama and Shotaro Ashino have a history of beating both of the tag champions in the Royal Road Tournament – with Yuma Aoyagi losing in the first round to Shotaro Ashino and Kento Miyahara losing to Suwama in the semi finals match.

Kento Miyahara and Yuma Aoyagi have had four successful title defenses, with this upcoming match being their 5th title defense. Suwama and Shotaro Ashino are both tag team specialists, with Suwama’s experience with the Violent Giants and Shotaro Ashino’s experience in Wrestle-1.  With this being such a brand new team in All Japan Pro Wrestling, it could lead to one of the few major title changes of the show. Suwama, however, also has a side distraction, with two title matches on this tour, as he faces Jake Lee for the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship at the end of this tour of shows.

This is one of those matches that is difficult to call. Even when Suwama was Triple Crown Champion recently, he was often a successful tag team wrestler – as he held the World Tag Team Championships with Shuji Ishikawa. He might want to reignite that glory with Shotaro Ashino. It would lead to Shotaro Ashino’s first championship within All Japan. But to call this match, we could see a second title change for this show. What will happen? You can soon find out by tuning into the 2021 DELUXE POWER SERIES!

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