#AndNEW: Jon Moxley Wins GCW World Championship

Jon Moxley vs Satoshi Kojima at All Out

At Game Changer Wrestling Art of War Games the world of GCW was turned on it’s head with the crowning of a new champion.  Current GCW Champion Matt Cardona had a mystery opponent lined up for his title defense, this mystery turned out to be none other than Jon Moxley.  Moxley defeated Cardona and captured the title for the first time.

This ends Matt Cardona’s run as champion after just 43 days.  Cardona defeating Nick Gage was a massive shock at the time and led to fans bombarding the ring with debris.  Cardona’s heel work leading up to and after his title win was second to none and this made it all the more satisfying that it was ultraviolent Jon Moxley who defeated him for the title.  If this is the last we see of Matt Cardona in GCW then he has had one of the most memorable stints in company history.

Following Moxley’s win, he once again came face to face with Nick Gage.  Gage and Moxley are on a collision course to wrestle in a match that fans have fantasy booked for years. Two of the toughest SOB’s in all of wrestling are set to duke it out over a title synonymous with Nick Gage.  When it goes down it will no doubt be a violent spectacle between the two experienced deathmatch combatants.

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