Teams We Want to See Face the IInspiration When They Return

The Iinspiration

Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay, previously known in WWE as Peyton Royce and Billie Kay respectively, have recently announced through social media that they are set to return as ‘The IInspiration’. This comes after around five years being known as the IIconics.

The extremely popular Australian duo have not yet announced which company will they wrestle for. Despite heavy rumors about companies such as Ring of Honor and IMPACT Wrestling having interest in them.

While we’re not speculating where we’ll see Lee and McKay next. However, we now present a list of a few matches we’d like to see with these two. Especially across the now very much opened up and free pro wrestling scene.

The IInspiration vs. Decay (Havok & Rosemary)

We believe the only appropriate way of starting this list is with the only current women’s tag team champions in a major promotion. The members of Decay just recently won the titles a little over a month ago. And after just one title defense (and the IMPACT women’s tag team roster getting and smaller), this is the perfect challenge for the current champs.

The biggest reason why we believe this match and maybe even an extended program could be a huge success for everyone involved: The difference in the styles of both teams and specifically how hilarious it would be to see Jessie McKay acting scared for the Decay act. Or, Cassie Lee cutting a promo about their supernatural rivals.

All of this is said without taking anything away from Rosemary and Havok as they have shown great chemistry in their run in IMPACT.  Surely they’d have no problem working a great match, despite the possible ring rust the former IIconics may have.

The IInspiration vs. Jordynne Grace & Rachel Ellering.

Staying in the IMPACT lane, Grace and Ellering have been tagging together in Nashville ever since April after Jazz retired and suggested Rachel as the new partner for Jordynne. Ever since, these two have been in an ongoing story where they have gone from tag champs to fighting each other to back on the same page tearing up IMPACT Wrestling once again.

That is exactly why this team is another great choice for a match against the IInspiration as the chemistry and character development they have gathered for the last couple of months is what ultimately makes this team stand out head and shoulder above the rest of the IMPACT teams.

Not just that but Jordynne and Rachel have proven to be two of the most reliable workers in the ring. They’re more than capable of taking Lee and McKay to their limits and probably to one of the best matches in either team’s career.

One final reason for this dream match is the excellent character work and promos both Grace and Ellering have proven to be able to deliver. ‘Thick Momma Pump’ and Paul’s daughter are some of the most charismatic women’s wrestlers in the world.

The IInspiration vs. Britt Baker D.M.D & Jamie Hayter.

Probably the most obvious match on the list is the dentist and the Southhampton native. They’re on top of the industry right now. Baker won the title back in May and added Hayter to her heel entourage just earlier this month.

There’s no better match for Cassie and Jessie to let the wrestling industry know they’re back. That they’re aiming for big things by squaring off against the most popular woman wrestler in the world. And to be honest? Two of the most talented on the AEW roster and probably the entire U.S scene.

This would be the perfect way to put the IInspiration back in a top position. But it would also work for both Baker and Heyter, as well. They’re still looking to build momentum and turn fans’ heads, as their alliance is just starting up.

To end our case for Britt and Jamie, AEW has build a reputation for successfully delivering on multi-promotional matches. Which means the IInspiration could come in and wrestle a few to build heat in the Britt Baker run. Much in the same way Matt Cardona did early last year before he debuted for IMPACT:

The IInspiration vs. Chelsea Green & Mickie James.

The final team on this list is ironically not even a real tag team. It’s the hypothetical alliance between Chelsea and Mickie. They’ve has been panting its seeds all over social media ever since both were released from WWE earlier this year. Both of them expressing interest in tagging together. And now with both officially working with the NWA for their upcoming EmPowerrr show? It’s possible.

Not only do the social media teases make us dream about seeing these two teams together? Both are respectively some of the best female wrestlers today. Both are also coming off being criminally under-utilized on WWE, making fans anxious to see what they’re capable of elsewhere.

And this is something that they have in common with Lee and McKay. All four were released in the past year, all to heavy fan surprise and outrage. So to sum things up, what better way to showcase these four women than to put them together?

Our final plea for this match is the fact that the NWA have already announced the revival of their women’s tag team championships. The company is reportedly working hard to get the IInspiration on their roster. This makes Mickie James’ current no-compete clause the only obstacle stopping this dream match-up to happen around the new belts.

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