Match Point: CM Punk vs. Darby Allin, All Out (9/5/21)

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All Elite Wrestling’s premier event, All Out, will be the stage in which the legendary CM Punk makes his long awaited in-ring return after seven grueling years of being away.

Finally, CM Punk will be lacing up his wrestling boots once again and he’s going up against possibly AEW’s hottest young star, and sure-fire cornerstone piece of the company for years to come, Darby Allin. The excitement that surrounds this match is palpable, to say the least. Many fans never thought they’d see the day Punk returns to the squared circle, let alone compete at AEW’s “show of shows”.

But, folks, this has now become a reality. And, all the AEW hopefuls cannot be more excited, for not only the prospect of this match but also the monumental and historical implications it holds. Because on September 5th in Illinois, we will all witness a dream match fans never thought would be possible. With that all being said, how did we get here? How can something so unbelievable and downright unimaginable just a few short weeks ago come to be? It’s almost clobbering time! So, let us take a deeper look at how CM Punk versus Darby Allin, at All Out, was spoken into existence.

The Man Who Laid Down The Challenge: Darby Allin

The moment Darby Allin spoke of men he has come across in his wrestling career that falsely laid claim to being “The Best In The World” he knew exactly who he was conjuring up and thought of the man that could finally be the person he was looking for. Allin knew precisely who would hear it and the call has been heeded. And, if some people think that Darby bit off more than he could chew then they do not know the first thing about Allin. The man is downright fearless. Everything he does and everything he sacrifices is for the love of the game. Darby Allin would grind away in the independent wrestling scene before he reached the promised land of All Elite Wrestling.

Nobody believed he could ever reach the heights he is achieving now but he did. He knew he wasn’t the biggest or strongest. And, Allin knew he was always going to be the underdog in any fight. But, he kept on going down the proverbial dusty road to eventual stardom. He learned that it’s not the size of the dog in the fight. But, the size of the fight in the dog. And, Darby’s no stranger to battling the biggest and baddest he could takedown. In no time at all, Darby was TNT Champion in AEW by defeating a premier star in “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes. The kid could hang and he proved the doubters and naysayers wrong once and for all by achieving his crowning glory to date. At the time of writing, he is still the longest-reigning champion in the belt’s lineage at 186 days.

This man has been through hell and back tenfold and he is not about to stop now. When he said he wanted “The Best in The World” he got it. Judging by the look on Darby’s face back at Chicago, he is very much excited to test his will and might against the very best. And, on September 5th, Darby Allin will lay it all on the line to get the biggest notch on his belt come All Out.

The Best In The World: CM Punk

Seven years is what it took for CM Punk to finally come home to a wrestling ring. In front of his adoring hometown of Chicago, Punk made his long-awaited return to a chorus of deafening cheers. Everyone was just so elated to just even see CM Punk back in a ring. In no time at all, Punk said that he heard every last one of the fans for all those years he was away. He just needed time to reignite the fire that was doused because of withering physical, emotional, and, mental health. But, as he said, he’s back and he is back for good. Punk claimed he has all the time in the world. And, is excited to face everyone in the AEW locker room.

The deciding factor in his return was the overwhelming wealth of talent AEW has in its back pocket. Opponents that made him feel he has a lot left to give. This gave him the itch to test himself once again. He thought to himself that this is what he wanted ten years ago. That if these competitors are there now why isn’t he? So, he made the monumental decision to come to AEW and finally unleash the fire that was raging and stewing in him for so long. This leads Punk to set his sights on one Darby Allin.

On the recent edition of AEW Dynamite, Punk once again spoke in front of his adoring public. Tony Schiavone asked the question that was on everybody’s mind. What made Punk decide to return to the ring and join AEW’s elite? That was very simple for Punk to answer. He mentioned names like Penta El Zero MiedoRey FenixBrian Pillman Jr., and, Jungle Boy among the opponents he wanted to face. He spoke of not proving the doubters wrong anymore and proving himself right. He wanted to know if he’s still got it in him to hang with AEW’s best. Punk wanted to know if he can still indeed call himself “The Best In The World”.

Then, he spoke of Darby Allin. Punk said that he genuinely and utterly respects Darby’s negligence for his own well-being. About his lack of regard for his own body. He did not mean that with any hint of condescension. Quite frankly, Punk looked at Darby Allin and all he has done and he wanted to feel what Darby feels. Every high and low. Every triumph and failure. Punk knew that he has an opponent in his midst that is willing to do anything and everything as much as he does. And, at All Out?  He’s gonna give it his all and prove once again why he is “The Best In The World”.

The Dream Match: CM Punk vs. Darby Allin at All Out

These two have never faced off before. Which makes this match all the more intriguing. Wrestling has changed a lot throughout the years. This will be a testament to either the new age style of Darby or the style CM Punk knew before he left the business altogether. It’s quite a mind-boggling fact to know that when Punk left the wrestling industry Darby was just starting out his wrestling journey in the following year. With that being said, these two are more alike than they think.

Both are willing to go the extra mile to finish off an opponent. Darby’s more of a daredevil who will execute maneuvers out of basically anywhere and everywhere to get the jump on his opponent. Allin is fearless and has no regard for his own health. Let alone his opponent’s as evidenced by his death-defying finishing maneuver the Coffin Drop. Punk on the other hand is a jack of all trades. He can ground opponents using different techniques and submissions like the Anaconda Vise, which he will have to do to get the edge over Darby. Or he can catch his man off guard and hit the Go To Sleep. Whichever way this contest goes, one thing’s for sure. This will be a dream match for the decade. And, at All Out, CM Punk and Darby Allin will have a match for the ages that fans will not soon forget.