#AndNEW: Cameron Grimes Captures Million Dollar Championship at TakeOver 36

Cameron Grimes Million Dollar Championship TakeOver
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In one of the featured matches of NXT TakeOver 36, LA Knight defended the Million Dollar Championship, for the second time, against Cameron Grimes. To say that this has been a developing feud would be an understatement. For several weeks, Grimes served as Knight’s butler. Grimes’s duties included everything from caddying for Knight during golf games to taking on physically intimidating opponents for Knight’s amusement. All the while, Ted DiBiase supported Grimes, knowing he could be so much more. This Million Dollar title match was important for a few reasons; not only was said title on the line, but if Grimes lost, DiBiase would become Knight’s new butler. “The Million Dollar Man” bet wisely, however. Cameron Grimes took this TakeOver 36 encounter – as only he could – to the moon, winning the Million Dollar Championship.

Cameron Grimes Wins Million Dollar Title at NXT TakeOver: 36

The origins of this match date back to this past February, when Cameron Grimes came into considerable money following smart stock market investments. Grimes would go on to flaunt his wealth, albeit in comedic fashion, which would catch the attention of “The Million Dollar Man” himself, Ted DiBiase. From there, DiBiase expressed that he was looking for someone to carry on his “Million Dollar Legacy,” which caught the attention of LA Knight as well. This past June, at TakeOver: In Your House, Knight defeated Grimes in a Ladder Match to capture the reinstated Million Dollar Championship. Knight attacked DiBiase, turning on him, before being challenged by Grimes at NXT The Great American Bash. Following another loss, Grimes was forced to serve as Knight’s butler.

The Million Dollar Championship is the first WWE title Cameron Grimes has won. He signed with the company in January of 2019, competing in the NXT Breakout Tournament later that summer. Grimes made it to the finals, ultimately losing to Jordan Myles, better known to independent wrestling fans as ACH. Grimes would challenge for the NXT North American Championship on multiple occasions. Despite his best efforts, he was unsuccessful in these efforts.

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