Maki Itoh Injured During TJPW Tokyo Princess Cup Tournament

Maki Itoh
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During her Tokyo Princess Cup quarterfinal match against Suzume on July 31st, Maki Itoh was struck in the face early on. With what seemed to be a bad cut on her cheekbone, Itoh managed to finish the match and pick up the victory.

However, it was later announced that she suffered an incomplete fracture to her left cheekbone, which prompted her to walk around with a mask and shades on to hide the injury. This news was further confirmed by Itoh via her Twitter account, as she posted pictures of her face.

Since recovery is only 2 to 4 weeks, she is only expected to miss the Nagoya show on August 7th and will be good to go for her semifinal match against last year’s winner, Mizuki.

Up until this point, “The Fired Idol” Maki Itoh had a solid performance in the Tokyo Princess Cup, which is one of the annual tournaments held by Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling. Late last month, Itoh bested Raku. Itoh’s latest contest against Suzume marks her second Tokyo Princess Cup match this year. During the past two years, she made it to the semifinals. Tune in to see whether the brash yet confident Itoh can, after participants in tournaments during years past, can finally rise to the occasion.

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