Chris Jericho On The Complete List Of Jericho – Two Man Power Trip (7/8/2021)

Chris Jericho

The legendary Chris Jericho was a guest on John “Poz” Pozarowski’s Two Man Power Trip podcast to discuss his newest book, The Complete List Of Jericho, which tracks all of the Demo God’s matches since day one until his 30th year in the business. Jericho talks about match 1001 in the interview after asking John Poz to pick a match. Jericho also goes into why the book itself is basically being handled by himself and not a publishing company. Jericho also talks about how many books have already been sold and if there’s more to come. Here’s more from Chris Jericho on the Two Man Power Trip!

Chris Jericho on match 1001

1001 you look it up here it’s all in order because like you said, I’ve kept a log of every match that I’ve ever had. Since the first day of October 2 1990 So 1001. Wow! It was my second match ever in WWE, August 24, 1999. That was versus the Road Dogg in Kansas City, Missouri. I lost by DQ, and I gave that one three stars.”

Jericho talks about the book being more of a handwritten journal

“I can go through and find out every match I’ve ever had, where it was, when it was, I gave it a star rating every night and I kept track of the money for the first probably 600 of them or so or 800 of them until I started making guaranteed money to where it’s the same every week. And it’s just, I don’t think there’s ever been anybody that’s done that before, especially with the career that I had of going 30 years around the world so it really is a journal, a handwritten journal that basically- I mean if you haven’t seen the book you can see right here (shows the book to the camera so viewers can see). At the very front cover that’s the actual page right there, that I wrote all- that’s my actual writing that’s the first page ever, and that we kind of trend, you know, made that part of the book as well in my actual handwriting, etc.”

Why the publishers who worked with him on his past books decided not to work on this book

“The publishers that I’ve been working with were like that’s too specific, and it’s too soon, you know you’re whittling I came in with this too direct of a- of a book or whatever maybe as like you guys don’t know my fan base and don’t know wrestling fans and you should know this after four New York Times bestsellers. I mean, all of my instinct here, and they weren’t into it, and I thought okay great, I’ll do it myself and here I am in just two weeks today I think it is, we’ve already sold out half the first printing, you know thousands and thousands and thousands of books and it’s like they’re already talking about a second printing and once again it’s like I know what I’m right and I knew this will work and I knew it was right, so.”

For much more on the interview such as Jericho talking about the song “Back In Black” and using it for The Inner Circle or his thoughts on AEW touring please feel free to check out the full interview below:

The Complete List Of Jericho is exclusively available at and is available now!

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