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Match Point: KAI vs YAMATO No Rope Lumberjack Match

DG Hopeful Gate Tour Lineup

Dragon Gate Pro Wresting’s July 9 Korakuen has sold out and with good reason. We edge closer and closer to the retirement of Masato Yoshino and we have the return of Brother YASSHI, but closing the show we finally put a feud to rest. YAMATO and KAI who have been feuding since last year will have what seems to be their final battle. They are set to main event Korakuen Hall in what will be less of a match and more of a fight.

The Backstory

YAMATO and KAI were best friends, YAMATO was even the one who brought KAI to Dragon Gate. When KAI accidentally broke the neck of YAMATO’s then tag partner BxB Hulk, KAI repaid his debt by sticking around and joining YAMATO’s unit Tribe Vanguard. The two even became Open The Twin Gate Champions together. When Hulk turned on YAMATO out of spite for KAI, KAI followed YAMATO to the Dragon Gate Generation unit.

Then in the six-way cage match at Dangerous Gate 2020 there was a stipulation put in place. If KAI escaped first he would have to join villain unit R.E.D. thus leaving the Dragon Gate generation.

The Betrayal Along With The Year Of Torture

During the cage match, it looked like KAI was going to let YAMATO escape the cage first. However, he whacked him and escaped first joining R.E.D. in the process. KAI cited lots of unpaid bar tabs from YAMATO as his reasoning. They had a singles match, but it ended in a no contest, and then KAI formed a successful Twin Gate tag team with BxB Hulk. YAMATO tried to stop them from winning the titles, but failed. YAMATO then tried to take the belts in their first defense, but ultimately failed again. The two drifted apart until 2021 where their feud was reignited. YAMATO got a singles win over KAI, but it just wasn’t enough.

The two men were paired together to team in the Dead or Alive cage match, but they both escaped preventing them from getting their hands on each other in a cage. YAMATO got to the final four of King of Gate 2021 before losing to Kota Minoura. Afterward, KAI came out to poke fun then suggested they end this once and for all. YAMATO opted for his signature No Rope No DQ match. However, KAI also wanted to add a lumberjack stipulation. With the stipulation in place what seemed like easy redemption for YAMATO is now in question with the numbers advantage of R.E.D. Can YAMATO beat his rival, or will KAI have the last laugh?

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