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LAWE Wrestling

As announced previously here, Latin American Wrestling Entertainment (LAWE) has officially announced its launch as a wrestling promotion. Based on the island of Puerto Rico, but with plans to tour the entire Latin-American landscape (Mexico, the Caribbean & South America), the announcement was made by the daughter of WWE Hall Of Famer Carlos Colón, Stacy:

Almost a month after Mike Chioda leaked the details regarding this new promotion, the wrestling media company Contralona began publishing “candid” camera footage that showcased the arrival of the former WWE referee to the island as well as other “candid” footage regarding the Colón family in general. All in order to create speculation despite the plans about the new promotion already being public.

LAWE – A History

The press announcement by Stacy Colón has expressed interest in events within the island of Puerto Rico, outside of it as it’s been mentioned, as well as “pay-per-views.” This is notable, given a big fiasco within World Wrestling Council recently when they planned a pay-per-view (dubbed ‘Cuentas Pendientes‘; roughly translated as ‘Debts To Be Paid’) but when fans were vocal about the event running head-to-head with this year’s WWE Royal Rumble (which featured Puerto Rican mainstream star Bad Bunny), the company opted to instead broadcast the pay-per-view as a 4-part TV event.

This was met with even more backlash between fans and WWC’s own production as it was a last-minute decision done by the company’s president Victor Jovica with little to no consultation to anyone. This failure to finally bring the long-standing territory to the PPV market may have been the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back for the second generation of the Colón Family. Having invested so much into WWC, they still had to deal with a very antiquated leader at the forefront who obstructed a major marketing move. Six weeks after, LAWE was trademarked & incorporated. Now, four months later, it announced its public launch with content having already been filmed.

What to Expect Regarding LAWE

The biggest impression from the launching of LAWE has to be its emphasis on naming itself a “corporation” rather than a promotion. That, along with details such as legitimately incorporating the company rather than going with the standard sports licensing fare wrestling companies hold, shows that this company looks to treat itself as legitimate as possible. Though, their talk about a “board of directors” is a little too familiar to how WWC and even the WWE itself “kayfabe” certain televised storyline decisions. We do know the company president is former WWE Tag Team Champion, Eddie “Primo” Colón. Stacy Colón is listed as a CEO, probably also leading their marketing. Hall Of Famer Carlos, Orlando “Epico” Colón, and his own father (Carlos’ brother) are also a part of the project given the “candid” footage published.

Since returning to the island in 2019, Eddie & Orlando Colón have shown to add a lot to WWC in their time there. The company was able convince now-NWA star Mecha Wolf to return for some dates after a very nasty falling-out years prior, as well as bring in Ricky Banderas (King Muertes in MLW). They also managed to strike deals to bring in wrestlers like Texano Jr (AAA), Cinta De Oro (formally Sin Cara II in WWE), created relationships with other promotions like Pablo Marquez‘s OCW in Florida and Savio Vega‘s IWA in Puerto Rico (it has since ended apparently) and NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis was slated to face Carlito before the card had to be canceled in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. On top of all the talent brought in, Eddie & Orlando had invested in new set designs as well as new championship belts for WWC. All of this is likely to be passed along to this new promotion.

In Closing

While nothing of the sort is confirmed yet, my personal belief is that little by little, or maybe all at once, LAWE will assimilate the assets of World Wrestling Council as a sort of spiritual successor. This might even include its currently active roster and championships as paperwork and other backstage details are settled. Simply put, it’s doubtful that WWC would be able to run concurrently to this new promotion given the small amount of talent on the island of Puerto Rico. The association with the wrestling media company Contralona, as well as the leaning of WWC personalities on social media, seem to lean towards a pretty quick unification as the second generation of Colóns takes the baton from their father Carlos and their long-standing president, Victor Jovica.

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