Preview: Pro Wrestling NOAH CAGE WAR (06/26/21)

Pro Wrestling NOAH CAGE WAR
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Pro Wrestling NOAH presents CAGE WAR, which is built around the main event steel cage match. However, the rest of the card has some big implications heading into the future. Here is what to expect heading into Pro Wrestling NOAH CAGE WAR.

Pro Wrestling NOAH CAGE WAR Full Card

  • Manabu Soya vs Kinya Okada
  • Yoshinari Ogawa and HAYATA vs Kai Fujimura and Yasutaka Yano
  • Kazunari Murakami, Kendo Kashin, Kazushi Sakuraba, and Takashi Sugiura vs Akitoshi Saito, Shuhei Taniguchi, Masao Inoue, and Muhammad Yone
  • Naomichi Marufuji and Masaaki Mochizuki vs Kaito Kiyomiya and Yoshiki Inamura
  • NOAH Junior Rumble: NOSAWA Rongai, Eita, Ikuto Hidaka, Hajime Ohara, Junta Miyawaki, Daisuke Harada, Seiki Yoshioka, Haoh, Nioh, and Tadasuke
  • Steel Cage Hair vs Hair Match: Masa Kitamiya vs Katsuhiko Nakajima

NOAH Junior Rumble

The current GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion, Atsushi Kotoge, successfully defended his title against Yuya Susumu in Korakuen Hall. After the match, many junior heavyweight wrestlers stormed the ring and made their claim for the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship. Kotoge couldn’t decide on a challenger, so he opted to hold a Junior Rumble with the winner facing him on June 27.

The lineup was announced, then things got interesting. There were several juniors missing, and a wildcard was added at the Mitsuharu Misawa Memorial 2021 show. NOSAWA Rongai and Ikuto Hidaka brought in Dragon Gate’s and R.E.D.’s leader, Eita. He pinned Yuya Susumu and announced his intention to join the rumble. It’s hard to see what will happen here; many say Eita is the favorite, but Junta Miyawaki is a wild card to watch out for.

Steel Cage Hair vs Hair Match: Katsuhiko Nakajima vs Masa Kitamiya

The story of Masa Kitamiya and Katsuhiko Nakajima started back at the Kensuke Office. Kitamiya was applying to be a wrestler and one of the people watching his audition was Katsuhiko Nakajima. They teamed up regularly over the years, most recently in Kongo. They would win the GHC Tag Team Championship. After a successful defense against Taniguchi and Yone, Kitamiya dropped Nakajima with a Saito Suplex.

Kitamiya cited him being kicked by Nakajima as his reason, and that he has always hated Nakajima. Kitamiya left Kongo after thanking Kenoh. Kitamiya and Nakajima had a press conference where they refused to give up the tag belts. Then, Kitamiya said they needed to settle matters with a Steel Cage Match. That wasn’t all, however – it needed to be a Hair vs. Hair contest as well. Bull Nakano will be on commentary for the matchup to make it even more special. Will Nakajima lose his signature locks? Will Kitamiya’s rise to the main event be halted dead in its tracks?

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