The Power of the Pin (6/7/21): Tracking the Rhythm of the Latest WWE Sale Rumors

Latest WWE Sale Rumors

Last week, WWE sent the Internet Wrestling Community singing in speculation that the company may be up for sale, as they continue to take more members out of their traveling band. Simply put, the latest WWE sale rumors are in full swing.

Following a slew of prior releases that included Samoa Joe, Mickie James, and both the IIconics, the boys at Titan Tower weren’t done. In what was appeared to be an encore performance of the previous week, the company also dropped a sour note on some major names all at once: Braun Strowman, Ruby Riott, Murphy, Aleister Black, Lana, and Santana Garrett.

That’s a lot of people to take out of the orchestra all at the same time.  And, based on the latest WWE sale rumors, it sounds like they aren’t done.

With so many new components at the very top of their corporate offices, WWE has had to change its tune when it comes to their overall spending. After firing co-presidents George Barrios and Michelle Wilson in early 2020, the man playing lead is now Nick Khan. And as WWE President and Chief Revenue Officer, he certainly has turned up the volume when it comes to speculation among the fan base.

Flowing like a medley through the crowd of journalists, observers, and fans is the theory that Khan is preparing WWE for a potential sale, because of the massive cuts to both those out there on the stage, as well as the executives who were behind the scenes.

The most obvious buyer seems to be NBC Universal, whose Peacock streaming service recently absorbed the WWE Network. Another name that has been tossed around for quite a while has also been Disney. Both corporations certainly have the bank accounts to cover what will likely be the hefty price tag that comes attached to WWE.

While the sports entertainment juggernaut is currently worth around $6 billion, you can be sure that a potential sale would bring in even more quarters in the jukebox than that. WWE doesn’t necessarily have to make a move right away, which means they have the beat of the drum when it comes to negotiations with potential buyers. If they don’t get the deal they want from NBC, they could go to radio silence until a better offer comes along.

The move would be certified platinum by many fans, who seem to welcome the idea of the McMahon Family transitioning out of power through this potential WWE sale. Some of those feelings are justified. With a decline in both ratings and overall popularity, the promotion has literally fallen off the charts when it comes to a large portion of the mainstream audience.

While many of those in the WWE Universe support the idea of a massive corporate power assuming control of the company, others are taking a ‘be careful what you wish for’ approach. WWE has already been criticized for being too corporate in its current strategy already. What would happen if you have the company that once brought you the rock-and-roll of the Attitude Era, now owned by the pleasant Peacock or the milquetoast Mouse?

Still, the idea of WWE having the seemingly unlimited resources of a major conglomerate is an exciting look into the future. And it’s not like it’s the first time this has happened. The two aforementioned corporations themselves – both NBC Universal and Disney – are the product of several mergers and buyouts over the years. WWE would be just another member of the band in their vast, corporate amphitheater.

Despite the many negative thoughts that fans have about Vince McMahon (and rightfully so), he’s been the leader of the band for 40 years now, and he’s certainly had his share of great moments. It’s a shame that a man once hailed as a genius is being encouraged to get out of a spotlight that he created. Unfortunately, that seems to be the consensus among those who have been paying attention for the past four decades. And just like that old singer with the weak lungs and the gravelly voice, McMahon refuses to get off the stage. That is, until perhaps now.

So for now, regarding the latest WWE sale rumors, all we can do is speculate. As fans, we can dream that this might be the best thing for the world of professional wrestling to come down the pike in a long time. And, while we can certainly hope that a change is gonna come, we should be cautious of what comes next on the dark side of the moon.

Right now, we know what tired tunes that WWE is playing, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to see things freshened up a bit. But, with corporate America? The bottom line will be what matters first over the wrestling product itself. The beat will go on.. and money will be the drum that drives it.

So, within a year, there could be a whole new song and dance when it comes to WWE.
However, it very well could be one that we will all regret having to listen to.

“Something touched me deep inside … The day the music died”
— Don MacLean, ‘American Pie’

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