The Importance of Cyberfight Festival

Importance of Cyberfight Festival

Cyberfight Festival 2021 is coming up on June 6, an event that includes all of the brands under the Cyberfight banner (TJPW, DDT, Noah, Ganbare Pro). And as such every brand has put their attention to it a month out. But while this event is meant to motivate through the end of the Covid lockdown. It could be argued that the importance of the Cyberfight Festival is on display.

Offer Matches Returning

The first major one is the blending of the promotions. Pre-lockdown on major DDT shows it wouldn’t be too strange to see a match from TJPW or Ganbare Pro appear. This was absent for the most part in the year 2020. With a sole appearance from TJPW on Peter Pan Night Two. Any other time talent from other brands would show up they would wrestle in a DDT style. And while there is an argument to be made about knowing your identity and sticking to it the offer matches brought variation and were missed. This show is made up of every promotion offering different matches. So this return to showcasing the different styles is encouraging

Equal Footing

Throughout all of the press, all of the top titles have been presented on equal ground.  This is a major boost considering the strides that TJPW have taken over the years. The title matches lined up all feature each brand putting their best foot forward. The fact that TJPW’s Princess of Princess title is held up with the same regard as Noah’s GHC Title and DDT’s KO-D heavyweight title shows how much faith Cyberfight is putting into the title.

A Large Celebration

There are currently 13 matches announced which have a total wrestler count of 81. This ties with the number of names we usually see at Ultimate Party. However, there are more matches yet to be announced which will most likely smash that 81 person number and make for a very large card. Cyberfest Festival 2021 is looking to be a celebration for all watchers. Between the announcement of English Commentary for Cyberfight Festival and the herculean attempt to get all 22 active members of the TJPW roster on the card there is a showing for everyone on this card and an intro for the different brands everywhere.

A Glimpse into the Future

At the first announcement of this show, it was told that this was a one-off. And they might revisit this again should they reach into mass appeal. While another show with this many matches might not occur again. This style of crossover might be the future for the Cyberfight promotions. While they say they have a ways off, perhaps this might bring them closer than they might realize at first if it does as well as they hope.

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