All Japan News: New Challengers For Champions Night

All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) recently finished the Champion Carnival tour. An elite tournament to crown the #1 Contender for the Triple Crown Championship. With the winner of the tournament facing off against the champion at the aptly named show “Champions Night.” At this show, we will see 5 Championship Matches in Ota Ward Gymnasium with almost every championship on the line.

All Asia Tag Team Championship

Hikaru Sato and Dan Tamura have unsuccessfully challenged for this championship in previous months. Zeus was unlucky in Champion Carnival and Izanagi lost his last big singles match. Could those losses play a major factor in this title defense as Zeus and Izanagi aim to make their 5th title defense here?


One of the major stars to come to AJPW this year is the freelancer Kohei Sato. While he originally faced off against Suwama for the Triple Crown Championship in a losing effort. Before that, Kohei Sato would restart his team with Shuji Ishikawa known as the Twin Towers. In Champion Carnival, Shuji Ishikawa would defeat Kento Miyahara. While Miyahara would defeat Sato. Yuma Aoyagi also defeated Sato and lost to Ishikawa.

Yuma Aoyagi also had a massive surge within this tournament, pulling off some major upsets. Could it be continued here? Another thing to note is Shuji Ishikawa is the only champion who is not defending on this show, as he’s the current GAORA TV Champion. This is the 3rd title defense for NEXTREAM here.


The AJPW 6-man Tag Championships were introduced at the final AJPW event in 2020. The current champions Takao Omori, Black Menso-Re, and Carbell Ito face off against Total Eclipse’s team of Tajiri, Hokuto Omori, and Yusuke Kodama. This match seems like an easy win to gain momentum for a potential major title change later in the night for Total Eclipse. This is the second title defense for the champions.


In Koji Iwamoto’s first title defense of the year, Koji Iwamoto would defeat Fuminori Abe to retain his AJPW Junior Championship. After this match, CIMA announced his intentions to challenge for the title. CIMA would battle Koji Iwamoto and defeat him for the Championship during the Excite Series Tour. CIMA’s reign as AJPW Junior Championship has been filled with facing off against challengers, like Hikaru Sato & Black Menso-Re.

In those few months, Koji Iwamoto suffered betrayal from his partner Jake Lee, who would betray Iwamoto to form Total Eclipse. Iwamoto looks to regain his Junior Championship and achieve his own personal redemption in the second bout against CIMA.


At the very end of the Excite Series, Jake Lee would betray Koji Iwamoto and form Total Eclipse. This faction has run rampant over AJPW, with the leader Jake Lee being dirtier than ever before. Even having a more evil maniacal attitude. Jake Lee went into Champion Carnival on fire, by defeating Shotaro Ashino early on. But Jake Lee would hit bumps along the way. From Yuma Aoyagi, Shuji Ishikawa, and the current Triple Crown Champion champion Suwama. Despite those setbacks, Jake Lee won the tournament with Lee defeating Kento Miyahara in a brutal 27-minute encounter on the final day of action.

This match could be a major point in a changing period for the company. Suwama is on his 8th title defense, while also in the running for surpassing his longest reign as Triple Crown Champion if Suwama does defeat Lee. But with Lee’s entire change, a brand new ego, a brand new dedication… it seems like we could have a match that could change AJPW history if Suwama does lose. With Suwama being the ace of the company, he’s facing someone who wants that position and wants to be the undisputed future of All Japan Pro Wrestling. This match could be either-or, but you don’t want to miss Champions Night.

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