Why Orange Cassidy Should Be the One to Challenge Kenny Omega at Double or Nothing

Orange Cassidy

On the latest “Blood and Guts” special edition of Dynamite, Tony Schiavone announced a World Championship Eliminator match for next week’s show. Whoever wins this one on one bout will lay claim to challenging Kenny Omega himself at AEW’s premier event Double or Nothing. The two competitors in question are PAC and Orange Cassidy. Omega would laugh at the fact that Cassidy even has the opportunity to even be in the conversation of challenging him for the world title. Kenny stated then and there that AEW management should make it official already because he didn’t believe Orange had a chance. PAC vs. Omega for the AEW World Title he said. But the “Best Bout Machine” might be underestimating the “King of Sloth Style ” a little too much. Orange Cassidy has proven himself to be a formidable opponent against the likes of Chris Jericho and many others. And could be the perfect opponent for Omega come Double or Nothing and here’s why.

The More Intriguing Option

Fans have seen PAC vs. Kenny Omega more than a handful of times. Every match was spectacular every time they locked up.  And without a doubt, before both of their careers end we’ll see a handful more. So booking Cassidy vs. Omega would make for the more intriguing match overall. It’s fresh and it’s new which will create buzz for the big event. Omega’s hard-hitting brutal style vs. Cassidy’s unorthodox approach to wrestling will make for one of the most exciting and unexpected match fans could ever witness. Cassidy has proven despite being looked at as a novelty act that he could stand toe to toe with the best of them. AEW, for the most part, has struck the perfect balance of when Orange Cassidy should retreat to his sloth state and when to turn it on for the bright lights. This leads us to our next point.

Elevating “Freshly Squeezed”

Orange Cassidy’s rise to prominence is one of the best feel-good stories to come out of 2020. His meteoric ascension to stardom mirrors the success of one Daniel Bryan back in 2014. A man who was always looked at as the common man’s champion but never the company’s champion. And yet, he overcame all the odds to become the undisputed champion. The big difference between Bryan and Cassidy is their characters. Bryan was a no-nonsense undersized wrestler who fought like a man possessed. On the other hand, for many wrestling purists, Orange’s gimmick is a tough thing to justify even in the world of pro wrestling. Especially if you want to be a main eventer and a world champion in this industry. Which makes Orange Cassidy’s bid to become a main eventer a little more difficult. This is where Kenny Omega comes in. Omega could have a match with a broomstick and cultivate a great match out of it. But luckily, he has a talented possible dance partner in Cassidy.

Omega could elevate Cassidy to greater heights and awaken a new more serious layer to the character. It doesn’t have to be overkill like Orange would completely change his character to be something edgier or dark and brooding. It’s enough for fans to know that this man can level up and has another gear in big-time matches. Changing the character that made him a  star would be betraying the very concept that got him to the dance in the first place. Orange Cassidy doesn’t even have to win the world title for him to be elevated. Merely having a show-stealer of a match with Omega is more than enough to cement his spot in the upper echelon of All Elite Wrestling.

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