Paris Is Bumping 2 To Host Historic Match Between Mariah Moreno & Edith Surreal

Mariah Moreno vs. Edith Surreal

The LGBTQIA+ wrestling community has seen a meteoric rise since the pandemic hit last year, with multiple showcase events, increased inclusivity in other promotions, and new annual events like the recent Cassandro Cup. One of those events was Billy Dixon‘s Paris Is Bumping, a unique twist on indie wrestling performance and presentation. And on July 10, 2021, Dixon returns for the follow-up, Paris Is Bumping 2: Solid Gold ’21this time with a small controlled audience. On Friday, he revealed the main event and it is a history-making match-up. In a generational dream match, akin to Bobo Brazil vs. Kofi Kingston or Mae Young vs. Rhea Ripley, Marah Moreno – the first trans woman to break into the U.S. indie wrestling circuit – will face Edith Surreal, another trans woman who is arguably one of the top U.S. indies no matter what the category is.

Originally debuting in 2009 as Amanda “The Blood Thirsty Vixen”, Mariah Moreno and immediately became a presence on the West Coast indie scene, with the likes of Alternative Wrestling Show (AWS), Vendetta Pro Wrestling (VPW), Santino Brothers, and much more. Along the way, Moreno has inspired countless other trans women to enter the world of indie wrestling, such as Harley Ryder, Dark Sheik, VENY, Jamie Senegal, and Candy Lee. In early 2020, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) made history with the signing of Nyla Rose, who became the first trans woman wrestler to sign with a major promotion. Over the past year, Edith Surreal has blossomed from the mysterious art movement known as Still Life With Apricots & Pears into the even more mesmerizing Edith Surreal, all while becoming one of the top stars to emerge from the pandemic era of indie wrestling. To have one of the true pioneers of such a powerful movement in pro wrestling to increase inclusivity from deep within the LGBTQIA+ community and it now is seen as a growing vibe floating through an industry normally more toxic to that kind of compassion, is a true testament to both Moreno’s bravery to take the first steep over a decade ago and to current stars like Edith Surreal, who have continued to hold the torch of representation and show that diversity can be more than just a novelty.

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