Preview: Dragon Gate The Gate Of Passion Kobe Sambo Hall (04/22/21)

Kobe Sambo Hall

Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling will be holding another show in The Gate Of Passion 2021  tour in Kobe Sambo Hall on April 22, 2021. This is an event that has a return, a continued series of KAGETORA trying out for different units, and a big championship match.  Let’s take a look at the card for Dragon Gate’s return to Kobe Sambo Hall

The Undercard:

  • Don Fuji and Jason Lee vs Genki Horiguchi and U-T.
  • YAMATO, Dragon Kid, and Ben-K vs KAI, SBKENTo, and Kaito Ishida.
  • Royal Sambo 13 Man Battle Royal.
  • Main Event: Shun Skywalker, Kota Minoura, and La Estrella vs Bridgebook Kagetora, Eita, and HipHop Kikuta.

Taketo Kamei Comeback Match: KZY, Susumu Yokosuka, and Taketo Kamei vs BxB Hulk, KAZMA Sakamoto, and H•Y•O

Taketo Kamei is one of the rookies to come out of that outstanding 2020 class last year. However, when his fellow classmates, Hip Hop Kikuta and SBKENTo made the decision to join R.E.D. he was left alone to figure things out. With Kikuta and SBKENTo on the rise, it was almost like Kamei needed to step up and find himself. He had no unit, but quickly changed that. As he tried out for the new Natural Vibes during the dance auditions that were held recently.

Both he and U-T made the cut, however, he didn’t see any televised action with the unit. As he suffered an injury during training and has been out most of the year. Now that he is recovered, Natural Vibes is finally at full force. With KZY promising a full makeover to Kamei one must wonder how Kamei will fit in, and what he will add going forward.

Open the Brave Gate Championship: Keisuke Okuda(c) vs Punch Tominaga

Since the tail end of last year, Punch Tominaga has become somewhat obsessed with Keisuke Okuda. With Punch trying to play into Okuda’s wheelhouse a bit with the MMA style. Promising to knock out Okuda whenever they met. However, after a series of singles matches things were the same. Okuda either knocked out, or choked out Punch Tominaga in very short time. But, Punch got another chance, and this time it was different.

Punch ended up getting the upset win over Keisuke Okuda via a flash pin on the fifth time of asking. After this win, he challenged Okuda for the Open The Brave Gate Championship. Since that victory Punch has been working very hard to add some submission wrestling into his arsenal to get ready for his title match. Finishing matches as of late with a jumping armbar that he can apply from anywhere. However, his biggest momentum shift came recently in Fukuoka when Punch Tominaga scored yet another pin on Keisuke Okuda. Upsetting the champion in the process. Has Punch made Okuda angry enough where he has put himself in danger? Or has he gotten the Brave Gate Champion off his game, and made him vulnerable enough to where he can sneak away with the title?

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