Preview: NWA PowerrrSurge, Episode 1 (4/13/21)

NWA PowerrrSurge Episode 1

Tomorrow night, on FITE, the National Wrestling Alliance turns up the dial with its first episode of NWA PowerrrSurge. This show will feature the same action that fans of the promotion have come to expect and love. However, with this being the first-ever episode of this new program, it’s safe to say that there will be a surprise or two along the way. What should fans expect heading into the inaugural episode of PowerrrSurge? Let’s take a deeper dive.

Matthew Mims vs. Jeremiah Plunkett

In a special NWA PowerrrSurge exclusive match, fans will see two of the National Wrestling Alliance’s rising stars do battle. On one side of the ring will stand Matthew Mims, who debuted in 2019 on the first episode of NWA Powerrrr. On this show, he teamed with Danny White in a losing effort against Thom Latimer and Royce Isaacs, The Wild Cards. He has since gone on to make sporadic appearances for the promotion in the following years, in addition to IMPACT Wrestling in late 2020. NWA PowerrrSurge could prove to be a valuable platform for this Tennessee native to make a bigger name for himself. He will also enter this match with momentum on his side; last week, on Powerrr, he picked up a major tag team victory alongside Slice Boogie, defeating Jax Dane and Crimson.

Facing Mims will be Jeremiah Plunkett, who brings with him more than a decade and a half of wrestling experience. Plunkett has made his own share of NWA appearances, most recently against Slice Boogie on the final March episode of Powerrr. Furthermore, he has held numerous titles under the NWA umbrella, including three reigns with Southern Tag Team Championship, two reigns with the Southern Television Championship, and two reigns with the Southern Heavyweight Championship. Needless to say, a victory over the seasoned “Mr. Southern Strong Style” is critical for the up-and-coming Mims.

A Word from the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion

Last week, on NWA Powerrr, the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion made a surprising announcement. Nick Aldis declared that his group, Strictly Business, was actively recruiting. While this may seem like an opportunity for the group to expand, one must consider the existing members of the group. What will potential new members mean for Thom Latimer and Royce Isaacs, the former NWA World Tag Team Champions? What of Kamille, who recently became the number one contender for the NWA World Women’s Championship?

Expect to see Aldis and company scout on the first-ever episode of NWA PowerrrSurge. NWA fans may be curious to see who has their attention. Keep in mind that the group was recently joined by Chris Adonis, the current NWA National Heavyweight Champion. However, there are other names in the promotion to consider. From Alex Gracia to Fred Rosser and beyond, the NWA landscape isn’t short on talent. Expect to see this story develop on NWA PowerrrSurge.

Other Events to Expect on NWA PowerrrSurge

Viewers will see Kamille of Strictly Business speak on NWA PowerrrSurge. At Back for the Attack, she bested Thunder Rosa to become the new number one contender for the NWA World Women’s Championship. To say that Kamille has been dominant would be an understatement, whether it’s been against veterans such as Rosa or rising stars including Alex Gracia. Silence may be golden, but on PowerrrSurge, the hard-hitting Kamille won’t be shy about expressing herself.

NWA PowerrrSurge will also see Parrow speak his mind. As one-half of The End, alongside fellow hard-hitting partner Odinson, Parrow will likely have much to get off his chest. On last week’s edition of NWA Powerrr, The End’s match with Chris Adonis and Thom Latimer of Strictly Business ended in controversial fashion following a distraction from Kamille. Expect Parrow to offer his insight, as well as possible intention to battle Strictly Business once more, on PowerrrSurge.

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