NXT Tuesday Nights: Best for Everyone Involved

NXT Tuesday nights
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On Tuesday morning, it was announced by WWE that they would be making the move to have NXT on Tuesday nights starting April 13. This move has long been one in the making, as the “Wednesday Night War” had led to NXT more times than not being hurt as a result of competing for ratings. Much of that has to do with the competition with All Elite Wrestling‘sDynamite, as for the majority of weeks, it was Dynamite on top in the ratings. So with the move official, here’s a look at why NXT on Tuesday nights is the best for everyone involved.

NXT Tuesday Nights: Helping the Overall Business

NXT was placed by WWE to counterprogram AEW Dynamite in an attempt to keep viewership down for them and really beat them in the ratings. The black and gold brand had long been the top brand in terms of in-ring action when it comes to WWE, so it all seemed right to be the one to oppose the style of Dynamite was presenting. But week after week it became clear that Dynamite had crafted its own viewership and NXT was rarely going to outdo them. Now with both shows on a new night, they can both succeed and that leads to everyone winning.

While for some fans it may have been cool to flip back and forth like it once was during the “Monday Night Wars,” this channel surfing was hurting both shows more than anything and it hurt the talents especially. In no way should Io Shirai and Kenny Omega have to fight for viewership but rather should get as many eyes on their talents as possible. It shouldn’t have to be this versus that, as professional wrestling is something for everyone to enjoy.

AEW Dynamite
Credit: All Elite Wrestling

There’s a real chance that AEW can hit that one million mark in viewership on some weeks with NXT no longer opposing them. Considering how great they were already doing with TNT’s support, it seems this can only lead to more opportunities as the viewership expects to rise. For NXT, it’s a chance to get out of the gutter in terms of their viewership and not try to play against AEW but instead focus on themselves as a brand again. Many would agree that over the past year and a half, NXT has seemingly lost the identity that made them such a massive hit in the first place. While some parts of the show have mostly thrived week in and week out like the women’s division, it has almost felt that many of their stories don’t have the deep aspect that many have had before.

Only the workings of Kyle O’Reilly have really felt that old-school NXT style, as his story from tag team specialist to singles star has been a pleasure to watch and his massive match with Adam Cole should be the “cherry on top” of great storytelling. But considering that this is really the only story to talk about from NXT over the past year and a half, it shows they really have lost that identity that set them apart for so long. It’s a credit to someone like Shirai, however, who has dealt with inconsistent booking but has become one of the best champions NXT has ever seen due to her charisma and overall ability.

Kyle O'Reilly NXT Tuesday
Credit: WWE

Again, this is a win for both NXT and AEW. Tony Khan and the company can celebrate their “win” because of what they brought to the table. The ability to stay true to themselves and create a wrestling show that on most weeks has something of interest to fans new and old. The likes of Fenix and Hikaru Shida getting more eyes on their talents because of this move has to excite people. They have been two of the best in AEW over recent months, putting in the work to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. That’s what makes this move truly great.

And the ultimate winner of this move is professional wrestling fans. There is now a major wrestling show on television every night of the week, Monday through Friday. That’s a huge deal. Wrestling is growing and becoming easier for fans to watch. For those who enjoy both NXT and AEW, you no longer have to worry about flipping back and forth or even comparing the shows. It’s simple — you can enjoy both. That’s the beauty of this move. No longer does it need to feel like a competition for fans but overall excitement every week that wrestling has grown to this point. Wrestlers on both shows deserve your attention week in and week out. They are there to compete with each other but also to put on a show in the great world of professional wrestling.

NXT moving to Tuesday nights was an overdue matter, but now that it has been made official, everyone can finally win as it is best for all parties involved.

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