Why Daniel Bryan Should Be Added to WrestleMania Title Match

Daniel Bryan WWE Contract

With Daniel Bryan set to face off with Roman Reigns at WWE Fastlane on March 21, there is much discussion about where this is leading.  Many people (potentially myself included) believe this will likely be a throwaway match – merely something to keep Roman busy before his big WrestleMania match against Edge at WrestleMania 37 next month.  This does appear to be the likely option as it is almost unfathomable that the Tribal Chief will drop the title at such a precarious time.  What if, however, Roman wins the match in such questionable circumstances that Bryan remains in contention for a rematch at WrestleMania? What if the match at Fastlane goes to a no-contest? This would mean Bryan getting added to Roman’s match with Edge on April 10-11, making it a triple threat.  Championship matches, especially of the WrestleMania variety, do tend to be best as one-on-one matches.  However, let us explore some of the arguments in favor of making the Universal Championship match a triple threat.

Daniel Bryan Is Still One of the Best Wrestlers Alive

This one goes without saying.  For almost two decades now, Daniel Bryan has been one of the best wrestlers on the planet.  Some might argue he has been the absolute best at certain points of his career, with that golden period in the early 2010s certainly being a standout.  Even now, in the year 2021 and at almost 40 years old (May 22), Bryan remains one of the arguable cases for best wrestler in the world.  His ability to make any wrestler he works with is second-to-none and there is no questioning his passion for the business.  His durability may have faded somewhat, with previous career-ending injuries taking their toll, but his ability has not faltered whatsoever.  If you want someone to elevate a match including Roman Reigns and Edge, Daniel Bryan is the guy to call.

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Edge Versus Roman Reigns Does Not Feel Like a WrestleMania Feud

Edge vs Roman Reigns

This one is debatable.  However, so far, the feud between Edge and Roman Reigns does not feel like a natural, WrestleMania feud.  It is difficult to pinpoint why exactly, but it is certainly the feeling among many WWE fans.  Roman Reigns is currently the “Tribal Chief” of SmackDown – which is, of course, his “island”.  He is the ultimate, despotic heel – ruling over the blue brand with an iron, Polynesian tattooed fist.  Edge used to be quite similar in the mid-to-late 2000s – he was the top heel on SmackDown.  The overarching story of the entire show back then was Edge doing despicable things to keep hold of his world title, often with the help of those he manipulated, such as Vickie Guerrero.  Nowadays, he is the returning, seasoned babyface – living a second life, one last chance to go out on his own terms.  Despite the contrast in their current characters, it just doesn’t feel right for a big, championship WrestleMania match.

Daniel Bryan Can Take The Pinfall

So this might be a poor reason to add Daniel Bryan to a WrestleMania match, but it might be necessary.  Roman Reigns is the hottest act in the company right now.  If there is one outcome that cannot occur at WrestleMania, it is Roman Reigns being pinned.  It would stall his momentum and could potentially damage the legitimacy of his current character.  Roman Reigns should be retaining anyway, but if the plan is for Edge to get one last run as a world champion, it cannot be at the expense of Roman Reigns.  Not in 2021.  One man who can take the pinfall is Daniel Bryan.  Throughout his career, he has carried the mantle of “Ultimate Underdog” better than all but maybe Rey Mysterio.  He has taken many defeats over the years and still has come through smelling of roses, legacy unscathed.  His ability, his size, and the warmness of who Bryan is each ensure that defeats do not hurt him.  Bryan taking the fall can protect the loser, whether it be either Edge or Roman.  Whilst their legacy will remain unscathed as both are far beyond being made men at this point, whoever the loser is in the current one-on-one match will be damaged on their current run.

There Is a Ready-Made Feud With Daniel Bryan Already

Daniel Bryan Faced Off With Roman Reigns in 2015

Remember the WWE Fastlane pay-per-view in 2015? How about Royal Rumble 2015? Roman Reigns’ former faction, The Shield, broke up in mid-2014.  He and his two “Shield Brothers”, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, each went their separate ways.  Seth became the poster boy for The Authority – the corporate faction led by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.  Dean Ambrose became the “Lunatic Fringe” – a sort of working-class anti-hero to The Authority’s corporate evil.  Roman Reigns went off to become the number one guy in the company – the heir apparent to John Cena‘s increasingly-claimable throne.  Roman went on to infamously win the Royal Rumble match in 2015 before being booed out of the arena by a raucous Philly crowd.  Why did they boo Roman Reigns, who had been cheered in the final of the Royal Rumble match just 12 months earlier against Batista? Because Daniel Bryan, the beloved hero of the WWE audience, had been eliminated early into the match by Bray Wyatt.  Even The Rock, who appeared post-match to raise his cousins’ arm in victory, was booed out of the arena by fans clamoring for Daniel Bryan.

It was a truly unprecedented moment and a real turn in Roman’s career.  For the entirety of his babyface, “Big Dog” run, he was followed by those boos.  At Fastlane 2015, he went on to defeat Daniel Bryan in a very good one-on-one match; only adding to the hostility he would receive going forward.  Frankly, Daniel Bryan’s popularity and Roman Reigns’ rise coming during what many believe to have been Bryan’s time is what ultimately led to Roman having to become the Tribal Chief.  This is a story dating back six long years.  Therefore, Bryan is certainly someone who can logically be added to the match at WrestleMania 37.


Whereas Roman Reigns and Edge are both great and experienced enough to have a solid match, Bryan elevates the quality of any match and feud he is in.  He can make both the feud and the match feel WrestleMania worthy, even if there just to take the pin and protect the other two.  It has been said numerous times by Bryan now that he is enjoying what might just be his final run as an active competitor, or at least as one who is full-time.  With Bryan reportedly a member of SmackDown’s creative team, he will understand better than most the value of protecting the brand’s hottest stars.  He would do just that if the Universal Championship match does indeed become a triple threat.

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