#AndNEW: Bobby Lashley Wins the WWE Championship

Bobby Lashley WWE Championship
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The reign of the “All Mighty” Bobby Lashley has begun. On this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, Lashley finally received his opportunity to challenge The Miz for the WWE Championship. After multiple dodging attempts by the titleholder, The Miz was forced to take on the “Chief Hurt Officer” of The Hurt Business. Despite the nefarious titleholder’s sneaky attempts, it was Lashley that stood tall at the end of the night, becoming the WWE Champion for the first time in his career.

This wasn’t to say that The Miz made the road to this point easy for Bobby Lashley. Their WWE Championship match was originally scheduled for 9:00 PM EST. However, The Miz feigned illness beforehand, which WWE Official Adam Pearce seemed skeptical of. Pearce made the decision to postpone the match to 10:00 PM EST. When the match officially took place, The Miz was quick to grab his WWE Championship and sprint up the mat. The official had no choice but to count the champion out, leaving an irate Lashley in the ring. The “All Mighty” might have been the winner, but due to count-out, he failed to win the WWE Championship.

Finally, Shane McMahon intervened, understanding that the way that The Miz retained was less than honorable. A rematch was set for the main event of Monday Night RAW. However, this would be contested as a Lumberjack Match, with various RAW Superstars surrounding the ring. In a matter of minutes, Lashley punished The Miz, the latter’s attempts at offense proving ineffective. Lashley cinched in the Hurt Lock, leaving the The Miz with no choice but to tap out. For the first time, Bobby Lashley became the WWE Champion.

Now that Lashley is the WWE Champion, what awaits him on the Road to WrestleMania? After all, the powerhouse of The Hurt Business has a significant target on his back. There are a few potential challengers to consider.

The Miz

Unsurprisingly, The Miz will be looking to regain the WWE Championship he only held for nine days. The way that Lashley picked apart The Miz can best be described as “dominant.” This should only fuel the “Most Must-See WWE Superstar,” embarrassed that his second WWE Title reign came to an end so soon. However, one shouldn’t expect him to challenge Lashley solo. Even with John Morrison at his side, The Miz may need some additional reinforcements, especially with the numbers game that The Hurt Business has been successful at playing.

Keith Lee

For the past few weeks, the “Limitless” WWE Superstar, Keith Lee, has been absent on programming. He has been out of action for an undisclosed reason. When he returns, however, one may think that he’d be looking to become WWE Champion as well. Keep in mind that, at the recent Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, Lee was scheduled to battle Riddle and Lashley for the United States Championship. Due to the aforementioned absence, Lee was replaced by John Morrison. Lee will be looking to make a comeback and what better way to do so than to target the top titleholder on Monday Night RAW?

Drew McIntyre

Off all the WWE Superstars on Monday Night RAW, few can claim to desire the WWE Championship as much as Drew McIntyre. In the Elimination Chamber main event, McIntyre successfully defended the WWE Title, only to be attacked by Lashley afterward, which allowed The Miz to cash in his Money in the Bank opportunity on a weakened McIntyre. On RAW, McIntyre was not only confronted by The Miz and John Morrison, but the “Scottish Warrior” picked up a hard-fought win over Sheamus in the first match of the night. Concerning the men that will inevitably target Lashley, McIntyre may pose the biggest threat of all.

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