New Wave Pro Higher Ground Returns

New Wave Pro

New Wave Pro returns to the Terre Haute National Guard Armory on Saturday, February 20th for the first time since March 2020 for a day of studio tapings.

The Indiana promotion – a cult favorite on the US independent scene thanks to their growing popularity on IWTV – will undertake one of the most ambitious projects in its history as the company mobilises to record three brand-new episodes of their Higher Ground series.

The tapings have been funded by a wide-reaching sponsorship drive, which has seen the company’s fans, the general public and a range of brands and services stepping up to become part of the latest New Wave project. The company are still looking for sponsorship and partnerships, and the campaign to do so will continue after the tapings; with match sponsorship, commercial time and more available.

A galaxy of stars, welcome returns and a lot of new faces will be appearing on your screens over the coming weeks and months, as the storyline-rich Higher Ground series kicks off its second season in earnest.

The New Wave Pro champions – Solomon Tupu, Don’t Die Miles, Nate Matthews and tag team champions Original Sins – will be in attendance. Joining them will be key names such as Tanner Keeler, Eric Dillinger, Aaron Atlas, Sage Philips, Conan Lycan, and Joey O’Riley. Old favourites such as Ace Perry and Zodiak return, while new stars such as Kevin Giza, Anakin Murphy, Matt Brannigan and Campbell Myers make their first forays into the New Wave Pro universe.

New Wave Pro Executive Producer and Lead Writer Earl Joseph said: “All of us here at New Wave Pro cannot wait to get started on Saturday and begin the process of bringing our fans brand new episodes of Higher Ground.

“It’s great to return to the National Guard Armory, and we cannot thank them enough for their generosity and forward-thinking approach. We have a great relationship with them, and we are indebted to their kindness.

“We want to give our fans – and new potential viewers – the chance to see their favourite stars, and join us on the journey as we welcome a number of new faces to Terre Haute. New Wave Pro prides itself on standing out from the crowd, and we hope to bring brand-new matchups, scintillating storylines and the best wrestling action in the Midwest and beyond”.

Last time we saw New Wave Pro was ‘See You At The Crossroads’, which culminated in Don’t Die Miles becoming the company’s Crossroads Champion. The young star has become immensely popular of late, and winning the championship has played a large part in propelling him forward.

If you want to sponsor New Wave Pro’s Higher Ground tapings, you can reach the company via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or at NewWaveProWrestling[at] You can request a sponsorship packet, or simply send an inquiry.

Catch up with New Wave Pro on IWTV and use promo code NEWWAVE for a free trial of the service.

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