New Wave Pro Look Forward To Higher Ground Season Two After Recent Successes

New Wave Pro Higher Ground

New Wave Pro is currently riding the crest of a wave and are preparing to build on that success for the beginning of season two of Higher Ground on Saturday, October 3rd.

The promotion, based in Terre Haute, IN, has swiftly become a cult hit on IWTV thanks to the first three episodes of their pro-wrestling serial ‘Higher Ground’, and the ‘season finale’ New Beginnings, which took place on September 12th. The series has featured the likes of Cole Radrick, Justin Kyle, Sage Philips, Alice Crowley, Solomon Tupu, Miles Morales, and the Original Sins and offers an engaging blend of fluid storylines and a young, hungry, and consistent cast of wrestlers.

The shows have caught the imagination of wrestling lovers around the world, with the company enjoying two successive record-breaking months for hours watched on IWTV.

New Wave Pro’s recent run of shows can be found here on IWTV

The first three episodes of Higher Ground led to and climaxed with New Beginnings, a ‘supershow’ that found the cream of the crop of the Midwest’s wrestling talent together under one roof. As New Wave Pro gear up for episode four (filming on 10/3, date of airing TBA) Justin Kyle is still the domineering company champion and slowly establishing himself and his promised ‘Takeover’. Brand new Crossroads Champion, Solomon Tupu, is another monstrous fighter that combines incredible power and pace. The Original Sins hold the Tag Team Championships after hijacking the show at New Beginnings, while the devious Shiloh Greaves holds the Ultra Rapid Championship after stealing it away from Aaron Atlas on the same night.

Embattled New Wave Pro General Manager Earl Joseph will also have to deal with the incredibly bad blood between former tag partners turned deadly rivals Tanner Keeler and Johnny Echo. Keeler ambushed Echo before their match at New Beginnings could even start, and Tanner’s pyrrhic victory rang hollow to the New Wave Pro fans.

Episode four promises to pick up right where things left off last time. New Wave Pro has already announced the Original Sins will make their first championship defence against 105 Live, the team of Skye Blue and Sabin Gauge. There will no doubt be plenty of announcements due in the next few days.

Tickets for the next Higher Ground recording on Saturday, October 3rd, are available now and are priced at just $10. They can be purchased here

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