Where Does “The Fiend” Go From Here?

The Fiend

The Fiend” has been an unstoppable entity since the day Bray Wyatt unveiled his new persona. His whole aesthetic is nightmare fuel for kids and adults alike. The Fiend has this aura of terrifying but at the same time cool reminiscent of how Kane was back in the day. But unlike the “Big Red Monster”, his transformation and goals were never explained. His evolution from the original Bray Wyatt to The Fiend just happened suddenly and nobody knows why. Wyatt went away for an extended period of time and returned as The Fiend giving barely any detail on this newfound evil. The character was much stronger now and could not feel pain. Fans were left wondering if this is still the work of “Sister Abigail” or did Bray Wyatt find someone or something more sinister and now serves a new master in the process?

More Questions than Answers

Bray Wyatt debuted with “The Wyatt Family” in 2012 on the main roster and they made it known they were looking for “misguided souls” to be saved by their family and their supernatural matriarch Sister Abigail. Wyatt would serve as a vessel of carnage encouraging people to “follow the buzzards” and see the world as a dark twisted place wherein sinners are rewarded. They would take people and mold them in Sister Abigail’s image and force them to see the world as a lawless wasteland. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan were prime examples of the “lost sheep” Wyatt was looking for. The duo would embrace the purpose Wyatt presented to them. He even made Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton question their own sanity and had them almost believing him at one point.

Bray’s initial character, albeit extremely outlandish, believed in the message of Sister Abigail. That was his sole purpose and fans knew exactly what to expect from him. The Fiend on the other hand is another mysterious story. Throughout this character’s run, he would rarely mention Sister Abigail. He would spew out lines such as “let him in” and he was put on this earth “to protect us” with little to no context. This is where the questions would start to arise. Who’re we letting in? Is it Still Bray Wyatt and Sister Abigail? Or is it the unnamed demon who gave The Fiend the power he harnesses? And who exactly is The Fiend protecting us from exactly? Maybe it’s just a simple case of WWE not carrying out the vision Bray had for the character.

Fiending for Unsuspecting Victims

After months of terrorizing both SmackDown and RAW rosters, The Fiend’s motivation soon got murkier. His promos were cryptic as expected but ultimately his cause for action was barely justified. Sure his feud with Braun Strowman brought up all their history but his reason for rehashing this old rivalry was nowhere to be found.  His initial novelty would slowly but surely fade shortly soon after. The character felt aimless and would just pick victims out of thin air with no basis to validate it. His rivalries with the likes of Kevin Owens and Randy Orton would push another narrative that The Fiend “changes people”. The question fans are asking is “What is the real effect of The Fiend and why should the wrestlers be afraid of it?”.  To this day, the question remains unanswered.

WWE is missing out on a potential successor to The Undertaker. Bray Wyatt is an extremely talented mind and is unlike any other the sport has ever seen. His constant evolution proves the genius of Wyatt. The company’s lack of direction for him endangers the character’s luster. Most fans are still very into the gimmick, but for how long? Loving or hating someone and not knowing why will leave fans questioning the reason they even supported this being in the first place.

A Sadistic return to form

The first and necessary step into the next phase of the character is making it scarce but keeping Bray Wyatt active. WWE should consider bringing back the once figurehead of The Wyatt Family. Much like Finn Balor’s “Demon” persona, Wyatt could unleash The Fiend when it is crucial to do so. The invincibility of The Fiend makes the character harder to book because if he loses to a run of the mill performer week in and week out the prestige of the character diminishes. Having the original incarnation of the Bray Wyatt character competing every week would make fans clamor for the return of the destructive force.

Wyatt should also take some inspiration from The Undertaker and settle into a role in the landscape of the promotion. Much like the Deadman, he should serve as the Judge, Jury, and Executioner cleansing the WWE. Wyatt should be the conscience of the WWE that anyone would be fearful to face. It gives the character a reason to exist and informs the fans of the character’s part in the bigger picture. Giving The Fiend a clear purpose would add more depth to him and it’ll freshen up the gimmick tremendously.

His recent feud with Orton sets up The Fiend for another menacing evolution. Bringing back Bray Wyatt as his old self would be reminiscent of Jushin “Thunder” Liger. The Fiend could be much like Kishin Liger, the rarely seen alter ego of Jushin. When worse comes to worst the demonic being inside can no longer be contained and is let out of its prison. The next phase in the polarizing monster’s progression will be an intriguing one. Fans are just going to have to wait and see what’s in store for The Fiend.

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