Taya Valkyrie Arrested on IMPACT, Sent to Jacksonville or Stamford Prison

Taya Valkyrie WWE

The “Who Shot John E. Bravo?” storyline came to its conclusion on Tuesday night on IMPACT Wrestling, when it was finally revealed by Acey Romero and Tommy Dreamer that it was Taya Valkyrie who had shot her former aide, John E. Bravo, many months ago. After initially feigning shock at the accusation, Taya finally relented and confessed to shooting Bravo, upset over Bravo and Rosemary (her tag team partner) and their budding romance and impending marriage. Valkyrie was quickly arrested and escorted out of the arena.

If reports over the past year are indeed correct, this very well be IMPACT Wrestling’s angle to write off Taya Valkyrie, who has been rumored to be departing the company. Taya Valkyrie signed a new 2-year deal with IMPACT Wrestling in early 2019, which would mean it was either up now or in the coming weeks. At the end of the above segment, Tommy Dreamer seems to throw fuel on the fire of those rumors, when Acey Romero asked him where the police were going to take her. Dreamer’s response was great.

“If she’s lucky, she’ll go to Jacksonville State Prison, but for what she did and if she’s not that lucky, I think they’re going to send her to Stamford Maximum Penitentiary, for two years, with maybe an option for three. Trust me, that will change a person’s soul forever.”

Jacksonville is clearly a nod towards the home base of All Elite Wrestling (AEW)‘s home base, while Stamford is the HQ for WWE, where Taya’s husband, John Morrison, is a part of the SmackDown brand. In a final jab, after Dreamer finished, Acey Romero responded with “I hope they don’t send her to Baltimore…” Baltimore, Maryland is the home for Ring of Honor.

On her way out of the arena, she had one final moment with Rosemary and it was quite emotional for both.

Taya Valkyrie being written out of IMPACT Wrestling with an arrest follows just days after Ethan Page was written out of IMPACT after having his heart ripped out by Karate Man at IMPACT Hard to Kill over the weekend. So where do you think Taya is heading? Jacksonville State Prison? Stamford Maximum Penitentiary? Baltimore City Detention Center? Let us know in the comments below!

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