Preview: Gatoh Move ChocoPro #78 – Rin Rin vs. Antonio Honda (1/3/21)

ChocoPro 78
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The New Year’s festivities have concluded and 2021 has successfully been rung in. This weekend, Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling will continue ChocoPro with episode seventy-eight, featuring two announced matches. While one match features a Gatoh Move rookie who recently picked up her first victory, the other will continue to showcase the current Asia Dream Tag Team Champions. Take a deeper dive into this upcoming episode of ChocoPro.

Rin Rin vs. Antonio Honda

To say that the previous episode of ChocoPro was big for Rin Rin would be an understatement. On this show, Gatoh Move’s “MC” was involved in an unorthodox five-way match; the goal was to claim an orange, suspended from the ceiling, and place it atop a New Year’s celebratory mochi decoration. Amidst the chaos of the match, Rin Rin was not only able to don said decoration but place the orange on it. With this, Rin Rin picked up her first victory as a singles competitor. Between this and her tag team victory alongside Toru Owashi the show prior, everything seems to be coming up Rin Rin.

However, this upcoming match will prove to be a unique challenge. Another competitor involved in the aforementioned five-way match was Antonio Honda, who attempted to use his trademark mischief to win. Not even interference from his wily ally, Gon the Fox, could shift the match in his favor. Now, Honda looks to redeem his loss as he takes on Rin Rin. While she may still be a rookie, it’s difficult to argue with momentum, which Rin Rin seems to possess. Can she sustain and grow it with a victory over Honda, or will it be the former three-time DDT Extreme Champion that emerges successful?

Best Bros (Mei Suruga and Baliyan Akki) vs. Chie Koishikawa and Hagane Shinnou

Speaking of momentum in ChocoPro, Best Bros have been on an exceptional roll. On the cusp of the New Year, Mei Suruga and Baliyan Akki won the Asia Dream Tag Team Championship from Emi Sakura and Kaori Yoneyama, collectively known as Reset. Since then, Best Bros continued their winning ways. Case and point, on the last episode, they bested the combined efforts of Lulu Pencil and Minoru Fujita, barstools, tables, and all. On this episode of ChocoPro, the Asia Dream Tag Team Champions will face yet another tandem that may be difficult to fully prepare for.

To say that Chie Koishikawa has been in a slump would be an understatement. “Too Much Energy” has been unsuccessful in singles and tag team matches since late November, despite the undeniable effort she has put forth. However, on this episode, Koishikawa’s luck may turn around. For this match, her tag team partner will be the understated yet hard-hitting Hagane Shinnou. He last appeared on ChocoPro back pon episode sixty-nine, besting Yuna Mizumori in a spirited effort. It’s also worth noting that, back on episode forty-four in September, he battled and defeated Akki in singles competition.

Going into this ChocoPro main event, will lightning strike twice for Shinnou? Can he defeat Akki and, by extension, Suruga? If so, not only will Koishikawa pick up a much-needed victory, but she may find herself focusing on the Asia Dream Tag Team Championship in time. Tune into episode seventy-eight of ChocoPro to see how this showdown will unfold.

ChocoPro #78 will air on January 3rd at 10 AM JST (January 2nd at 8 PM EST.)

It will air live on the Gatoh Move YouTube channel for free before being available for on-demand viewing afterward. To support the company, you can sign up for their Patreon, which features multiple tiers, or their own on-demand streaming service linked below. Listed below are the confirmed dates for upcoming episodes of ChocoPro season five.

  • #79 – January 8 (8 PM JST)
  • #80 – January 10 (10 AM JST)
  • #81 – January 11 (10 AM JST)
  • #82 – January 17 (10 AM JST)
  • #83 – January 22 (8 PM JST)
  • #84 – January 24 (10 AM JST)
  • #85 – January 30 (10 AM JST)
  • #86 – February 3 (8 PM JST)
  • #87 – February 6 (10 AM JST)
  • #88 – February 7 (10 AM JST)
  • #89 – February 12 (8 PM JST)
  • #90 – February 14 (10 AM JST)

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