Preview: Gatoh Move ChocoPro #77 – New Year’s Special (1/1/21)

ChocoPro 77
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It’s a New Year and the momentum of Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling continues with ChocoPro. Since introducing the show back in early 2020, it became nothing short of an underground treasure. It has featured everything from lovable characters to memorable matches to storylines with varying twists and turns. In 2021, Gatoh Move looks to continue this YouTube initiative, starting the year off in Japan strong with the following card.

Chie Koishikawa vs. Yuna Mizumori

Starting off the New Year is a singles match between two of the most colorful stars in Gatoh Move. Last time on ChocoPro, Chie Koishikawa faced fellow rookie Tokiko Kirihara in singles competition. Despite a spirited effort by “Too Much Energy,” it was Kirihara that picked up the win. With 2021 having just begun in Japan, Koishikawa looks to start the year off right with a victory over Yuna Mizumori. Gatoh Move’s “Pineapple Girl” has been formidable throughout ChocoPro’s short history, picking up multiple wins and facing formidable challengers. Can Yunamon hand Koishikawa another loss as she looks to make 2021 her year in professional wrestling?

Antonio Honda vs. Emi Sakura vs. Sayaka Obihiro vs. Chon Shiryu vs. Rin Rin

The question must be asked: how will Ichigaya Chocolate Square be able to contain these five unique personalities? Five-way matches aren’t exactly commonplace in Gatoh Move, and even less so in ChocoPro, but this should be a promising encounter all the same. It will feature Emi Sakura and Sayaka Obihiro, two women who built Gatoh Move from the ground up. Antonio Honda and Chon Shiryu serve as the two legendary guest stars, both of whom are formidable in their own ways. In fact, the wild card in this match is Rin Rin, the youngster having just recently returned to Gatoh Move. One must wonder how Gatoh Move’s “MC” will fare against her more experienced opponents. Keep an eye on this match, as it has the makings of a chaotic encounter.

Best Bros (Mei Suruga and Baliyan Akki) vs. Lulu Pencil and Minoru Fujita (ChocoPro Main Event)

Last time on ChocoPro, Best Bros reached the top of the mountain. After several months of teaming together, not to mention numerous encounters with Emi Sakura and Kaori Yoneyama, Mei Suruga and Baliyan Akki became the new Asia Dream Tag Team Champions. With this victory, the landscape of ChocoPro has shifted. Now, Gatoh Move’s top active championship is in the hands of an up-and-coming team with considerable upside.

On episode seventy-seven of ChocoPro, Best Bros will have their first match as Asia Dream Tag Team Champions, though it will be a non-title affair. One of their opponents will be the ChocoPro MVP of season four, Lulu Pencil. Though she may not always win the day, Lulu Pencil’s heart and resolve are undeniable. In fact, it has been these qualities that made her a fan favorite to long-time Gatoh Move fans. On this night, her opponent will be another returning veteran star.

Minoru Fujita last appeared in ChocoPro back on episode seventy-two, where he bested Lulu Pencil in a “death match” scenario. This proved to be one of the more entertaining matches of the year, but despite the Pencil Army commanding officer’s best efforts, Fujita emerged victorious. One would expect nothing less from the current reigning BJW Death Match Heavyweight Champion. Now, Fujita teams up with her former opponent. Will these combined forces be enough to halt the momentum of the new Asia Dream Tag Team Champions?

ChocoPro #77 will air on January 1st at 12 PM JST (December 31st at 10 PM EST.)

It will air live on the Gatoh Move YouTube channel for free before being available for on-demand viewing afterward. To support the company, you can sign up for their Patreon, which features multiple tiers, or their own on-demand streaming service linked below. Listed below are the confirmed dates for upcoming episodes of ChocoPro season five.

  • #78 – January 3 (10 AM JST)
  • #79 – January 8 (8 PM JST)
  • #80 – January 10 (10 AM JST)
  • #81 – January 11 (10 AM JST)
  • #82 – January 17 (10 AM JST)
  • #83 – January 22 (8 PM JST)
  • #84 – January 24 (10 AM JST)
  • #85 – January 30 (10 AM JST)
  • #86 – February 3 (8 PM JST)
  • #87 – February 6 (10 AM JST)
  • #88 – February 7 (10 AM JST)
  • #89 – February 12 (8 PM JST)
  • #90 – February 14 (10 AM JST)

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