Miro Needs To Turn Babyface

Miro AEW

After languishing in WWE for years, Miro jumped ship to greener pastures in AEW. His debut gave hope to many fans that he would finally become a main eventer. Though The Best Man’s time in AEW has been a little disappointing, at least he will not worry about punishments from management on a regular basis. No cuck angles or League of Nations, Miro is an Elite player who will be an important part of the company in the future. Throughout his WWE tenure, The Beast from Bulgaria played the role of heel in addition to his current character on Dynamite. However, those who are most familiar with his work will argue that Rusev was a better as a babyface. It’s clear that Miro shouldn’t twiddle his thumbs as a heel; he needs to turn babyface ASAP.

Days Go By

Rusev was always more interesting wrestling as a babyface than as a heel. As a villain, Rusev played the prototypical foreign menace. He entered with the Russian flag praising Vladimir Putin, not to mention enrolling himself with Sheamus, Wade Barrett, and the garbage of humanity, Alberto Del Rio. Together, as the League of Nations, the four were jobbed to Roman Reigns before an unceremonious, inevitable breakup. Miro excels in captivating fans with his wrestling, promos, and character when he fights against heels. Fans cheer for Miro naturally due to his work ethic and for surviving multiple burial attempts from Vince & Co.

How WWE botched “The Bulgarian Brute” for years is infuriating. Rusev was one of the most popular wrestlers for years on RAW and Smackdown before his release this year. Rusev Day chants were everywhere in 2017 and 2018. The pairing of Rusev and Aiden English was, pun-intended, Dynamite. Moreover, Rusev entered Wrestlemania 31 on a tank. Unfortunately, WWE thought it wise to put The Bulgarian Beast into multiple cuck angles. WWE had Rusev emasculated by Dolph Ziggler, The Rock, and the most infamous of all, Bobby Lashley. And yet, throughout it all, Rusev still had hundreds of fans cheering his name.

Game Recognizes Game

Curiously, AEW made the decision to bring in Miro as a heel and partner with Kip Sabian. Though it’s commendable AEW wants to try to get Superbad over, AEW is currently swamped with more than enough baddies comparatively in the tag division. Miro and Sabian have to compete with FTR, Sanatana & Ortiz, Dark Order, and The Acclaimed. If Miro were to come into AEW as a singles babyface, he wouldn’t have to worry about competition. Kenny Omega turned heel, Cody Rhodes will not enter the world title division, and Jon Moxley may be stepping down as the top star after losing the world title. Miro’s insane popularity is a justification for him to hot shot into the world title picture.

The majority of AEW’s big men are still heels. Only Luchasaurus remains AEW’s sole big man babyface. Lance Archer is tweener, Wardlow is ready to turn against MJF, and Will Hobbs turned heel again to join Team Taz. AEW keeps putting monster heavyweights as hired help bodyguards. Let some monsters loose as babyfaces destroying cowardly chicken heels. Miro still has a ton of potential to explode onto TNT. His debut on Dynamite three months ago showed people still love The Bulgarian Brute. Miro is a made babyface; him playing the heel is only delaying the inevitable.

Miro is The Best, Man

Miro is a naturally likable human being. His YouTube channel is full of heartwarming moments alongside Lana. These two are a really cool couple in real life. It’s a shame they were never portrayed as such in WWE. Regardless, Miro being a chill dude who loves video games and kicking ass is way more interesting than his other characters. Also, with Kenny Omega turning heel into an arrogant Smash Bros player, the door is open for more miscast heels in AEW to turn and even things out.

Miro is one of those wrestlers who work better as a face than as a heel. With an awesome personality together with Daniel Bryan-inspired fan support, it’s almost impossible to ask fans to boo Miro. No matter how many times Miro will assault Best Friends or dye his hair, he will always be our Bulgarian Bro who is impractical to dislike. As a heel, Miro is going through the motions. As a babyface, however, Miro is dynamite.

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