Preview: AEW Dynamite – Holiday Bash (12/23/20)

AEW Dynamite Holiday Bash

**Note: Spoilers for this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, the Holiday Bash, were leaked online.  We will not be addressing them in this preview**

It’s the Holiday Season! Get some hot cocoa, send gifts to loved ones, and wait for the inevitable heat death of the universe by watching AEW Dynamite: Holiday Bash. In the spirit of Winter festivities, AEW wrestlers will celebrate the way they know best. By slamming each other into the mat as Santa Claus skips Florida this year. How will tonight’s edition of Dynamite lead into New Year’s Smash next week? Let’s take a look at the Holiday Bash:

  • Chris Jericho & MJF vs. Top Flight
  • Jurassic Express vs. Dark Order
  • Dustin Rhodes vs. Evil Uno
  • Pac vs. The Butcher
  • Sting Gets Interviewed by Tony Schiavone
  • Hikaru Shida in Action
  • Young Bucks vs. The Acclaimed

Wedding Date Announcement on the Holiday Bash

It’s the Superbad Squad‘s big announcement. Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford are set to announce their wedding date. Since Miro‘s debut three months ago, “The Bulgarian Beast” has planned Sabian’s wedding with “The SuperBad Girl.” Miro has given Kip the gifts of feuding with Best Friends and Orange Cassidy. Trent destroyed Sabian’s arcade and Miro will not rest until he gets what he is owed. Last week, Miro destroyed a number of security guards and was fined $75,000.

In addition to having Billy Mitchell on Dynamite, as well as a disappointing match with Bad Romance, Miro and Kip Sabian are starting to gel decently together. The two could go after the tag titles at some point as a wedding gift of sorts. When will Kip and Penelope tie the knot? Will Miro cuck Kip and steal “The SuperBad Girl?” Lord, I hope not, but we will find out more tonight on the AEW Dynamite Holiday Bash.

The New Le Sex Gods

Chris Jericho and MJF will team tonight to take on Top Flight. After beating Y2J at All Out, MJF and Wardlow joined The Inner Circle. However, MJF has done everything he can to get on the group’s nerves. Though the group almost disbanded, Sammy Guevara shook hands with “The Salt of the Earth” and has seemingly put these issues behind him, for now. MJF isn’t friends with The Inner Circle; he’s an asset

Jericho and MJF have had mutual respect in addition to obnoxiousness with one another. The two fought, sang, and bickered for months. Now they will team against the newest tag team to take the Young Bucks to the limit. Top Flight are young standouts who will be invested in for years to come. AEW’s stacked tag division continues to provide fans at least two to three tag matches a week. Can The Painmaker and the pain in the ass put their egos aside at the Holiday Bash?

The Walking Dead Arrives to the Holiday Bash

Abadon has infected the AEW Women’s Division with a case of actually getting some time and development. “The Living Dead Girl” has her cold, dead eyes set on the AEW Women’s World Title. Shida herself is scared of the zombified wrestler. Abadon is back from a previous injury against Tay Conti. These two dangerous women will inevitably clash for the gold. Not to mention, Thunder Rosa has been doing commentary on AEW Dark. Along with Britt Baker‘s Waiting Room segment, the women are getting some more focus and time. But it isn’t enough.

AEW does a lot right. Their Women’s Division isn’t one of them. Yes, we are just as tired of complaining about the women’s division as much as people are probably tired of hearing it. The fact is AEW keeps taking one step forward and two steps back with their female wrestlers. For some reason, the company keeps refusing to give the women ample time and attention, on TNT,  to tell even the simplest stories. It’s impossible to care about wrestlers, or write info about them, when we don’t know anything about them. AEW has done nothing to give fans any info about Shida as a person or why we should care about her. Frankly, it feels as though AEW are just wasting time until they crown Dr. Britt Baker as champion.

Dark Order Recruitment

Dustin Rhodes has had many faces in his wrestling career. Goldust, Black Reign, Seven, and of course “The Natural” as AEW’s kickass veteran older brother. The Dark Order have ensnared Colt Cabana in their ranks and are close to manipulating “Hangman” Adam Page as well. Evil Uno wants Dustin to take his rightful place in the faction as “Seven.”

WCW fans will remember when Dustin performed as Seven for all of 3 seconds before it inevitably devolved into a work shoot promo. Since AEW is the new WCW; it’s only fitting the company pays homage to the legends from Nitro. Moreover, with Cody Rhodes focused on Team Taz and Shaq, Dustin will need help from the other members of The Nightmare Family. Hopefully, it means more time for Lee Johnson and Gunn Club. As for QT Marshall? Maybe he’s still working off credit card debt or something. To be frank, Dustin Rhodes is better off without the apple man.

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