Card Subject To Change: WWE Rumor Column – 11/26/2020

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This is an ongoing feature where our own “Hot Sauce Willie” starts to unveil the secrets in the shadows that he receives from his WWE sources. A lot of his internal reports have come true. A few don’t. But like they say, “Card subject to change.” This week we look at some WWE News rumors

On this edition of Card Subject To Change, we talk about some returns and some returns to the ring for World Wrestling Entertainment and what the creative plans could be for those mentioned. We talk a bit of about the returning Eva Marie to the company and when she was actually re-signed. We also talk about a certain Olympic Gold Medalist training for a pro wrestling return along with a certain Dead Man who may still be back after recently retiring. A twin tag team returning and by when, and we also talk about a former SHIELD member.

  • Eva Marie has been signed with WWE since September 2020. In an update on this story, early plans have her returning to Raw and possibly form a tag-team with one of the other talents. It’s rumored that Eva Marie was indeed supposed to have the role that Carmella has right now but she was not ready for a return just yet due to not being prepared to have a wrestling match yet and immediately have one with Sasha Banks at that. 


  • It looks like Kurt Angle is aiming for a return to pro wrestling again. While he doesn’t have a talent contract right now, there have been talks for his return with both AEW and WWE, and if it happens for WWE, rumors are that McMahon could see Kurt wrestling at Crown Jewel since the GSA and the Prince enjoy having legends wrestle the show. If for AEW, then we could see Kurt Angle wrestling for them in the new year as a talent and work as a coach/manager for the company. 


  • While The Undertaker’s final farewell is supposed to be concrete, a new rumor has him returning to Saudi Arabia to wrestle. There is also the rumor that seems to be alive and well that The Undertaker may still be working a program with The Fiend at WrestleMania in a one-on-one match or in a mixed tag team match.


  • The Bellas are planning on a WWE return. Vince McMahon has been keen on a return for both and immediately win the tag titles from Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. This is possibly happening during WrestleMania season.


  • We recently discussed a possible return of Dean Ambrose to WWE. While the rumors appeared to be outrageous, it appears the reason for the trademark from WWE for the Dean Ambrose name as was reported earlier today is due to Jonathan Good strongly considering a move back to WWE. Roman Reigns who is very supportive of an Ambrose return, seems to be intricate in this possible come back as both are friends outside of the ring. If an Ambrose return does happen, expect for him to work with the current iteration of Roman Reigns, the head of the table, the Tribal Chief.


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