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Dragon Suplex Podcast Network: Stardom Quest Episode 15

Stardom Quest Episode 0

Alex and Dylan host Stardom Quest, a weekly Stardom podcast that provides previews, reviews, updates, and insights to help keep you up to date with all the happenings in World Wonder Ring Stardom.

“Stardom had a quieter weekend for the first time in a while so Alex and Dylan branch out into some extra bonus content as well as the standard reviews and previews.

After quickly looking through the upcoming Stardom shows and going through the interesting notes from the November 21st & 23rd events they discuss the character of Natsuko Tora and how they understand her motives better after reading an exceptional essay from a Natsuko Tora fan (

After a discussion on Tora and their thoughts on fanposts they book fantasy dream cards for Nippon Budokan which involves the two letting loose and booking names from Stardom’s past in some dream matches.

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Amazing show art courtesy of @KHsNotebook

Also listen to Dylan and Alex’s other podcast @VTGPod which is all about the legendary All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling which is also available on the Dragon Suplex Podcasting

Stardom Quest is available through the Dragon Suplex Podcast Network which can be found on SounderSpotifyiTunes, among others.

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