Card Subject To Change: WWE News & Rumors – 11/22/2020

WWE News Zelina Vega Released by WWE

This is an ongoing feature where our own “Hot Sauce Willie” starts to unveil the secrets in the shadows that he receives from his WWE sources. A lot of his internal reports have come true. A few don’t. But like they say, “Card subject to change.” This week we look at some WWE News and rumours

On this week’s Card Subject To Change, we take a look at some news that occurred this week regarding terminations, an update on a recent lawsuit, and where things stand, along with the current situation of SAG-AFTRA getting involved with WWE’s recent handling of Zelina Vega. We also look at some further details regarding Vegas’ recent termination from WWE and other rumors regarding WWE creative and what to possibly look forward to.

In WWE’s recent SEC Filing that was sent out on Friday, 11/20/2020, WWE announced the hiring of Karen Mullane as it’s Controller and Principle Accounting Officer. The filing went on to say that she replaced Mark Kowal who had the position last. Ms. Mullane was hired with a salary of $415,000 per year along with a sign-on bonus of $61,500 and $166,000 of Class A Common Stock of WWE that she received on her start date with the company of Thursday, 11/20/2020.

Along with Mark Kowal no longer being with the company, WWE also let off John Brody, former Executive Vice President and Global Head of Sales and partnerships and head of International Business. Under Mr. Brody’s leadership, global sales revenue increased over 100% during his near five-year career with the company due to the various partnerships the promotion had with such companies as Coca-Cola, Cricket Wireless, Mars, Unilever, and other big-time companies.

Lastly, WWE recently terminated the services of Brian Nurse, who served as Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary. Nurse was responsible for overseeing all legal affairs of the company served as the principal legal advisor to Vince McMahon. Nurses termination comes just shortly after WWE recently paid out $39 million to the City Of Warren Police and Fire Retirement System.

The settlement is the biggest of its kind in the history of pro wrestling. The lawsuit came about after some controversy arose from a trip to Saudi Arabia where many of the company’s stars were left behind after a show and could not return until the next day. The plaintiffs in the suit alleged securities violations by the company along with Vince McMahon, Michelle Wilson, and George Barrios. where it was mentioned in the lawsuit that the officers of the company sold a significant amount of stock and during some of the quarterly earnings calls to talk about the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) deal was close to happening, however, that was not the case.

The plaintiffs had key witnesses who mentioned that the company was never close to a MENA deal and another key witness had mentioned what was going on after the Saudi Arabia show and claiming that the superstars were held hostage by the prince. The suit was settled out of court.

WWE has caught the attention of SAG-AFTRA after the recent termination of Zelina Vega on Monday, 11/16/2020. The story stems back to WWE’s ban on it’s stars to partner with third-party platforms such as Twitch, Cameo, Only Fans, TikTok, and others. Vince McMahon set the edict recently and giving advanced warning to all superstars. Vega was one of the company’s stars who stayed with her Only Fans account.

It’s rumored that she was made an example out of and was terminated for it. On Monday, 11/16/2020, after meeting with Mark Carrano to relay the termination notice, Vega asked to speak with Vince McMahon but was refused and was then escorted out of the Amway Center.

The story gets more involved when Gabrielle Carteris, President of SAG-AFTRA and once part of Beverly Hills 90210 on FOX, publicly supported Vega after a tweet Zelina put of stating “I support Unionization”. A tweet that was put out shortly after Zelina was terminated by WWE.

The significance of this particular story has to deal with the support of this entire situation by Andrew Yang. Yang, who is currently going after the UFC for a more fair pay structure, has recently been vocal about the entire independent contractor situation WWE has with its stars. SAG-AFTRA currently represents over 160,000 actors, T.V., and radio personalities from all across the entertainment industry. WWE superstars fall under this as well and if SAG-AFTRA can get WWE superstars unionized, then there will be a reclassification for the superstars’ contracts becoming more similar to sports contracts.

In the likelihood this doesn’t happen, then the possibility of a change of what all Independent contractors would be allowed to do. For example, a talent could work in WWE one week and then for in AEW the next week because he or she is a true independent contractor.

Some rumors coming out of WWE have to deal with Rhea Ripley, The Undertaker, Seth Rollins, and more. We’ll discuss what’s to come creatively for everyone involved and how things could change within the next several months for the talent and World Wrestling Entertainment.

Rhea Ripley looks to be coming up to the main roster after her match with Io Shirai on the most recent edition of NXT. Rhea, who was last seen on the main roster back at WrestleMania 36 has had an up and down year. Could she be making her way to Survivor Series this Sunday?

The Undertaker while confirmed for tonight’s Survivor Series is still rumored to have one more match. Many have said it will be against The Fiend, while a recent report came out that would be against Edge in a mixed tag match involving Taker and Michelle McCool versus Alexa Bliss and The Fiend. However, the other couple rumored to have that match would be the Fiend and Alexa Bliss at Wrestlemania.

Seth Rollins is set to take paternity leave soon as he will be a daddy with his fiance, Becky Lynch, once their newborn enters the world. Some wild rumors have it that Seth when he returns would team with Roman Reigns again and be a part of the team with Reigns and the Usos and possibly Samoa Joe.

Another rumor has it that Seth is considering leaving WWE due to the way the company has handled COVID-19 throughout the months and that AEW looks to be the company he is interested in going to. Would you like to see Seth stay in WWE and helping out Roman Reigns or would AEW and a new direction for Seth be the way to go?

Karrion Kross, who had to relinquish his NXT title shortly after winning it from Keith Lee, looks to be coming back very soon. Creative plans call for him to recapture the NXT title quickly. If this is the case, then Finn Balors days as champ are over.

The Miz is rumored to possibly cash in his Money In The Bank contract very soon. One rumor has it that he may very well be cashing in at Survivor Series and walk out the champion. However, another rumor for the final match at Survivor Series has Brock Lesnar return and destroy Drew McIntyre. After the brutal beating, the Miz may then cash in his briefcase and walk out the champ.

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