Mei Hoshizuki Wins Sendai Girls Junior Championship

Mei Hoshizuki
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Sendai Girls hosted a show earlier today to mark the return of Mika Iwata.  On the undercard of the show Manami defended the Sendai Girls Junior Championship against Marvelous wrestler Mei Hoshizuki.  Hoshizuki won the championship ending Manami’s reign at 406 days.

In recent times this championship has been defined by the matches between Manami and another Marvelous wrestler Mikoto Shindo who traded the title back and forth while wrestling quite often.  It is once again a Marvelous wrestler that has taken the title as Mei Hoshizuki takes over from Shindo.

Unlike Shindo’s reign, there is actually a number of people that can challenge for this title now with Sendai Girls’ recent influx of trainee debuts like Natsuko Kaneko, Yurika Oka, and Kanon who debuted on today’s show.  Putting the title on Hoshizuki allows Manami to move up to wrestling more senior wrestlers while Hoshizuki can wrestle the newer Sendai Girls graduates and help carry them to good matches.

This is the first championship Mei Hoshizuki has won in her short career, it certainly won’t be the last but more promising is the Marvelous talent continues to make their name throughout Joshi as they now have title holders in two different companies with Mio Momono holding the WAVE Tag Team Championships.

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