Is The AEW Roster Too Big

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One of the complaints that WWE’s main roster has faced for some time is that their roster is too big.  They simply hoard talent and then never get the chance to use it.  Has All Elite Wrestling already run into this issue?  We decided to analyze how big the AEW roster was against the RAW and SmackDown rosters based on wrestlers per content hour.  We were generous and gave AEW 3 hours as they have an official third hour of TV on the way which lowered their numbers.

Monday Night RAW – 18 Wrestlers Per Content Hour

RAW surprisingly had the lowers ratio of wrestlers for each hour of their television show.  This is helped by the fact that RAW is a three-hour show.  While they have more talent listed on their roster (according to the fact that it’s a three-hour show made their ratio lower than that of SmackDown and AEW.  This has been evident in the product in the last few months as we’ve seen almost the entire roster used in some way to help fill TV time.

Friday Night SmackDown – 21 Wrestlers Per Content Hour

SmackDown rather surprisingly finished behind RAW.  As mentioned already RAW’s extra hour helped them there as they do have more wrestlers on the brand than SD.  Even at 21 wrestlers per content hour, it becomes clear that it’s tough to fit this many people on our screens.  SmackDown is guilty of barely featuring some names and that’s while only trying to squeeze in 21 wrestlers per hour.  How does the AEW roster stack up in comparison..well

All Elite Wrestling Dynamite – 31 Wrestlers Per Content Hour

AEW has a massive 31 wrestlers on their roster for each hour of content.  As mentioned before this does take into account their third hour of TV that has yet to debut, without that their figure would be 46 wrestlers per hour.  By our count, AEW has 93 wrestlers contracted, a mix of names from their roster page, some that have gotten “x is all elite” graphics, and some added AEW Dark regulars who have won matches and are likely signed.  It’s clear to us that AEW has a problem with it’s huge roster, with so many talents there are many who can go weeks, if not months without being seen on AEW Dynamite.  Ask yourself, when did we last see Lance Archer get a non-title storyline? Have Hybrid2 done ANYTHING of note?

SmackDown has issues fitting everyone on TV with ten less wrestlers per hour than AEW, it would be a near miracle for AEW to use such a big roster efficiently.  Even with a third hour of television on the way AEW may struggle to make the best use of its roster which means we can expect bloated AEW Dark’s every week to keep some people in fans minds.

So to answer our original question, yes the AEW roster is too big.  AEW Dark has become a bloated necessity to get some people match time and that will continue until Tony Khan closes the cheque book.

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