Unagi Sayaka Debuts, New Champions Crowned At Stardom Show

Sayaka Unagi
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Earlier today Stardom held Korakuen New Landscape which promised to be an eventful show.  New rookie Lady C made her debut in a losing effort but in bigger news ZZ debuted and we had new Artist Of Stardom Champions crowned.  Let’s round up the news.

Unagi Sayaka Debuts As ZZ

Sayaka Unagi

Tam Nakano’s sub-group gained it’s newest member as ZZ was revealed to be Unagi Sayaka, formerly Himawari Unagi in Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling NOT disgraced idol Unagi Sayaka.  The group, now known as Cosmic Angels, got the win over STARS as Nakano leads her STARS sub-unit of idols going forward.

Oedo Tai Win Artist Of Stardom Championships

The Oedo Tai trio of Bea Priestley, Natsuko Tora & Saki Kashima defeated Donna Del Mondo to win the trios titles.  Priestley pinned Syuri the day before the two clash for the SWA Championship at Sendai Cinderella.  Oedo Tai is on a hot streak lately since the return of Priestley and the surprise turn of Konami.   This is one of the first major setbacks DDM has suffered as a group since their debut earlier this year and may mark a power shift in Stardom.

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