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Hell in a Cell

This is an ongoing feature where our own “Hot Sauce Willie” starts to unveil the secrets in the shadows that he receives from his WWE sources. A lot of his internal reports have come true. A few don’t. But like they say, “Card subject to change.” This week we look at the plans for Hell In A Cell

Tonights WWE Hell In A Cell is almost underway and for the first time in the history of the event, we will witness not one, not two, but three Hell In A Cell matches consisting of three major feuds from both brands but who could the winners and losers be and what other possible surprises could we have on the show? On this week’s Card Subject to Change, we will go over the show and what to possibly expect along with what else could happen on the show. We’ll also go over other rumors regarding what’s to come with Charlotte Flair, The Fiend, and Seth Rollins. Here’s more.

Initial rumors indicated that the WWE originally booked Hell In A Cell to just have the three main event matches on the card, but recent developments from this past week on Raw and SmackDown gave us two more matches for the pay per view with Jeff Hardy versus Elias and Otis versus The Miz for the Money In The Bank contract at stake. In the Hardy & Elias match, look for this match to finish in a way that will creatively see the two continue their program.

With the Otis and Miz match, first and foremost, there has been a lot of news and rumors going around about how to get the contract from Otis and several ideas around it that could get the contract off of him while keeping his character strong. On this week’s Smackdown, we got just that during a few segments WWE put together entitled “Law & Otis”, where we saw The Miz and Otis go to court over their cases regarding the Money In The Bank contract. The court decision was to have the match. The Miz has been voicing more and more as of late about wanting to become the champion once again. This should give you a clear indication as to how the match could conclude.

For the three Hell In A Cell matches, a couple of swerves and surprises could take place. In the Roman Reigns and Jey Uso match, expect the result to be the same as the last pay per view as the Tribal Chief is in as the champ until WrestleMania. However, rumors suggest that a new faction with the Samoan Dynasty including both Usos and Tamina could happen. Another rumor suggests that the return of The Rock could be imminent to start a program with Roman Reigns for a blockbuster match at Wrestlemania. Other names rumored to possibly face Reigns if the Rock does not return are Big E. or Edge.

In the women’s Hell In A Cell match, Bayley and Sasha Banks have had a heated rivalry ever since they lost all their titles except for Bayley who has kept her Smackdown women’s title. Since then, Bayley turned on Sasha Banks and after several weeks of a much-anticipated build, the two stars go at it tomorrow for the women’s title in a Hell In A Cell match. Rumors suggest the two may continue their program to Wrestlemania while others suggest that we may see a title change tomorrow with the match being the last in their current program.

In what is now rumored as the final match of the Hell In A Cell show and final match of their program Drew Mcintyre goes one on one with Randy Orton in what has been months of a program between the two. With the current rumors about this closing the show, we may now know why the match could be the final match of the show. It was originally talked about that the women’s match was the final match, however, rumors suggest a major title change could happen tomorrow and that this could be the match where it takes place as Orton may get some help from the RETRIBUTION faction as a way to still make Drew look strong while in the lost.

Other rumors for the show suggest a possible return as Charlotte Flair could return for the first time in months. Flair was last seen in a program with Asuka on Raw and took a hiatus from WWE. The former women’s champion could be back as soon as this week to continue her feud with Asuka and quickly get her title back.

The Fiend and Alexa Bliss have been the IT couple in WWE ever since The Fiend abducted her several weeks ago and brainwashed her into becoming what she is now. But the two won’t be alone as more members may come to the Firefly funhouse and create a new and improved Wyatt family with a returning Bo Dallas and a rumor suggesting that Abyss could be a member. Abyss is an interesting name as Joseph Park works for WWE as a producer and the Abyss character was at one time pitched for a match against The Undertaker.

With Seth Rollins now on Smackdown Live, it seems he has all the pressure on him as Murphy and the Mysterio family are all looking for him. However, Seth is on one of his final programs before leaving WWE for a short while to become a dad as Becky Lynch is due to have the couple’s first child.

After Seth returns, however, there are possible plans to include him working a program with Daniel Bryan and for the two to have a match at Wrestlemania. Daniel Bryan is on his last run in WWE as he has stated in recent interviews, while Seth Rollins still has some time in the company.

The Messiah is also rumored to work with Roman Reigns either as a tag team or part of a group or as opponents soon and if the two do go one on one then you can bet it will be an interesting program as rumors suggest Seth would be the babyface going up against the Tribal Chief version of Reigns.

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