Preview: Marvelous – Halloween Marvelous Shinkiba (10/26/20)

Halloween Marvelous

Marvelous makes their way to Shinkiba 1st ring for their latest live-streamed event.  This show is their Halloween special.  This event will feature Sareee in action as she continues to wrestle all over Japan on her WWE countdown.  The main event is a trios match that sees ASUKA return to Marvelous and Mio Momono attempt to follow up on her win over Takumi Iroha at ASSEMBLE.  Let’s get into the full card for Halloween Marvelous!

KAORU & Masha Slamovich vs Tomoko Watanabe & Maria

The veteran KAORU teams with Masha Slamovich who has faired very well in her time with Marvelous.  They team against another veteran in Tomoko Watanabe and the rookie Maria.  Maria is still in the rookie phase of her career as she still has her base gear and while we are approaching her time to progress to the next stage she will likely take the fall here.

Leo Isaka vs Revlon

Leo Isaka once again features in singles action against a debuting man.  Revlon mostly competes for Land’s End a promotion run by All Japan Pro Wrestling’s Ryouji Sai.  Oddly enough this writer saw him compete live in Ireland for Over The Top Wrestling where he certainly made an impression with his gimmick.  Isaka is in for a tough fight against Revlon but as we’ve seen in the past he is capable of bringing the fight to anyone

Hibiki vs Sareee

Hibiki has the chance to have a breakout match here against Sareee.  Hibiki often goes under the radar but there are few people who can make wrestling feel like a fight better than her. Stylistically this is very exciting as both are very good at throwing strikes, especially forearms, so we may see these two tee-off.  Sareee is Sareee and will no doubt bring her best but a good showing here could make people take notice of Hibiki’s talents and we’re confident she can pull it off.

Takumi Iroha, Rin Kadokura & Mikoto Shindo vs ASUKA, Mio Momono & Mei Hoshizuki

Halloween Marvelous

The main event is big time six-woman tag team action as Takumi Iroha leads her team against two women who hold wins over her.   Iroha for a long time was practically unbeatable in Marvelous which made ASUKA’s win over her last year such a surprise, even more surprising Mio Momono pinned Iroha at the latest ASSEMBLE show marking the first time any of the new Marvelous trainees have pinned the company ace.  Iroha will be desperate to get her win back and to re-establish her dominance at the top of the Marvelous card as talents like Momono, Shindo, and Slamovich are all vying to knock her off her pedestal.

Main event picture implications aside this is a stacked tag match as all six competitors are very talented, Marvelous also has this style of match down to a tee so expect to see a lot of dramatic near-falls down the stretch.

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