Matchpoint: DDT – Nautilus vs Eruption! (10/25/20)

Nautilus vs Eruption

In the year 2020, there have been some stories of dominance and surprising standouts coming from the tag division. But at Road to Ultimate Party 2020, there will be a double title match of Nautilus¬†vs Eruption to find out who is stronger.¬†While both of these teams haven’t had many clashes with each other they have always been dominant when it came to their respective divisions that in 2020 nearly mirror each other.

Eruption is nearly undefeated in Six-man tag matches since their formation. Early on in the year, Kazusada Higuchi defeated current KO-D Openweight champion Tetsuya Endo to collect the Right to Challenge Sword. A week later Yukio Sakaguchi would challenge then-champion Masato Tanaka for the title in a losing effort due to referee stoppage. While DDT Peter Pan 2020 was an unlucky time for the teams they would eventually win the KO-D six-man titles from #DAMNHEARTS a small measure of revenge for Higuchi after losing the sword back to Endo. Ever since then they haven’t stopped.

Nautilus in the meantime has held onto the KO-D Tag Team titles ever since early 2020. The allies of Disaster Box have been defending champions for nearly 300 days. But that hasn’t stopped them from finding success outside of the tag circuit as Yuki Ueno challenged for the KO-D Openweight title at Summer vacation, and both members will have challenged for the UNIVERSAL title come Ultimate Party. It makes sense that they are confident despite the unique challenge. Especially considering Yuki Ueno could walk out a triple champion.

This challenge will take form in two matches happening one right after the other. The first is Eruption vs Nautilus and Hirata for the six-man tag titles. Then it will be Nautilus’ defense of the KO-D Tag Titles against the team of Higuchi and Sakaguchi. There’s a lot of outcomes that can come from the challenges.¬† In 2020 two dominant teams formed, in the main event of Road To Ultimate Party we will see which one is stronger.