Preview: UWN Primetime Live – Episode 6 (10/20/20)

UWN Primetime Live Episode 6
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In what can be called the “pandemic era” of professional wrestling, studio-style wrestling television has become incredibly prevalent and prosperous. Other wrestling promotions have tried to slowly reincorporate crowds. Meanwhile, UWN Primetime Live featured a studio environment, complete with stripped-down and simplistic presentation. This has resulted in a reliance on in-ring storytelling without crowd involvement. The announcement of a women’s brand, as well as a new world title, adds legitimacy to the brand as well.

The NWA partnership continues as well, which is great for both sides. The National Wrestling Alliance should be credited as the founders of the modern brand of studio wrestling; this will be important to UWN’s growth. Another NWA title defense and more will take place on tonight’s episode of UWN Primetime Live.

UWN World Title Brackets

Last week’s episode saw the unveiling of the new United Wrestling Network World Championship by David Marquez. This will be the company’s first world title in its 8 years of existence and will be decided through an eight-man openweight tournament taking place over the next couple of weeks of television. Marquez also assured us that it will be a “global event” and that the matchmakers have scoured the globe searching for top competition.

Who will be announced tonight as part of this eight-man tournament? It would seem impossible to not include NWA talent like James Storm, who made his debut for Primetime Live by inserting himself in Chris Masters/Fred Rosser match. What other worldwide stars could make their debuts in this tournament? Could this potentially be the sleeper tournament of the year? NWA announcer Joe Galli gave his predictions below:

NWA Television Title – Zicky Dice vs. Da Pope

While there has yet to be an official confirmation on an NWA Powerrr return, the television title may have found its temporary home on Primetime Live. The “Outlandish” Zicky Dice and “Da Pope” Elijah Burke will compete for the title, but this will not be their first encounter in UWN. Da Pope previously teamed with Watts in a winning effort against Dice and Effy on episode 4 of Primetime Live. It will be interesting to see if Dice can set aside this loss to Pope as a fluke and show him that he is a dominant champion.

However, it is important to note that Zicky Dice asked for his release from the NWA earlier this year. While he was not granted one, he is only contracted until the end of the year. Will that play a factor in this match? He has held the title since defeating Ricky Starks on the March 3rd edition of NWA Powerrr but has not defended the title since. At one point, he almost vacated the title. Will Da Pope be able to capitalize on Dice’s seeming “lack of commitment” to the NWA brand?

Mike Bennett vs JR Kratos

Making his first appearance since losing to Nick Aldis for the NWA World Title in the premiere episode, Mike Bennett (FKA Mike Kannelis in WWE) looks to redeem himself in the eyes of the wrestling community. Bennett was sadly a victim of the “Black Wednesday” releases back in April. Furthermore, besides an appearance at the original Talk N Shop A Mania, Bennett hasn’t been able to commit to a new home. He made a great impression, even in defeat, against Aldis. Hopefully, Bennett can create some kind of positive momentum.

However, Kratos isn’t going to be an easy opponent. The “God of War” has a severe power and size advantage, and with only 8 years of experience, has already won world titles around the nation, from All Pro Wrestling to PREMIER Wrestling. His offense also gives way for a big man versus technical underdog dynamic in this match.

UWN Primetime Live episode 6 will premiere tonight at 9 PM on Fite TV.

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