Preview: Stardom – Yokohama Cinderella 2020 (10/3/20)

Yokohama Cinderella

Yokohama Cinderella should have happened by now but COVID-19 caused the cancellation of the 2-day event.  Stardom did manage to reschedule it for just one day and have compressed it into one supercard that features a number of title matches and some debuts.  Let’s preview the card for this loaded Yokohama Cinderella event.

Hanan vs ZYokohama Cinderella

Hanan takes on a surprise opponent that will be announced on the day of the show.  There are a number of freelance talents in Joshi that this could be like Nao KakutaMina ShirakawaSaori Anou, and Reika Saiki to name just a few.  It may also be a returning Ruaka or a talent from Marvelous.  Either way, Hanan has been on a hot streak of good matches recently so this is sure to be entertaining.

Riho & Saya Iida vs Oedo Tai (Yuna Manase & Natsu Sumire)Riho AEW Saya Iida Yuna Manase DDT Natsu Sumire

Yuna Manase makes her return to Stardom and joins up with Oedo Tai to take on Iida and Riho.  Iida takes pins lately and Manase getting a win on her comeback would be nice so we predict Manase pins Iida and Oedo Tai gets the win.

XXXX vs DEATH Yama-SanYokohama CinderellaDonna Del Mondo gains a new member at Yokohama Cinderella who will no doubt get the win here in her debut.  On the most recent event, Donna Del Mondo ended the show making a pose that is synonymous with Natsumi Maki leading to speculation that the new member will be her.  Maki would be an interesting addition to DDM and continue their trend of bringing freelancers into Stardom.

SWA Undisputed World Women’s Championship – Momo Watanabe vs Bea PriestleyBea Priestley Momo Watanabe SWA Championship Stardom Joshi

Earlier this year Bea Priestley turned on Momo Watanabe and left Queen’s Quest.  Watanabe never got her chance for payback after this as Priestley was back in the UK for a number of months.  Priestley and Oedo Tai recently interfered in Watanabe’s match with Jungle Kyona and attacked both women which lead to Priestley challenging Watanabe for the SWA title.  The SWA championship can only be defended against people from a different country than the holder so in today’s Stardom only Priestley could defend it meaning that she has to win but here’s hoping that Watanabe kicks the crap out of her to get some payback.

No Rules Losers Unit Must Disband – Oedo Tai (Natsuko Tora & Saki Kashima) vs Tokyo Cyber Squad (Jungle Kyona & Konami)

At the most recent Korakuen Hall event, Tokyo Cyber Squad won a match to save themselves from being disbanded.  That must not have been enough for Kyona who immediately put the faction’s future up for grabs again but this time she also made Tora put her faction on the line.  That bit of silly booking aside this match has years of history behind it.

Going all the way back to Jungle Assault Nation these two women were a tag team and the leaders of the faction.  Towards the end of JAN, tensions flared between the two as Tora was clearly unhappy.  When JAN was disbanded months later Tora happily got drafted into Oedo Tai and ever since she has made no attempt to hide her disdain for Kyona with both women going at it every chance they could get.  Tora’s recent mission has been to take TCS away from Kyona and now its time for her to put up or shut up.

Once again, these two women will go to war but this time with no rules and both Oedo Tai and TCS on the line.  Kyona won’t want to be responsible for another faction going away, as it was her fault JAN disbanded, but Tora is on a mission and has been nothing but vicious since taking over Oedo Tai.

This is a tag match though and the prevailing rumour is that Konami will turn heel on Kyona

High Speed Championship – AZM (C) vs Starlight KidYokohama Cinderella

Thankfully this match was able to be rescheduled from the original cancellation.  AZM and Kid are career rivals given they have both been in similar positions for their entire career and given their youth have always been compared to one another.  While AZM went to Queen’s Quest and gained an attitude Starlight Kid has been molded by STARS to be a fighting babyface.  Both have focused on the High Speed division for the last while, once again leading to comparisons, and now they will have a highly anticipated singles match for the title to determine who is better at this moment.  These two have shown incredible chemistry every time they get in the ring together and with the reigns off here they could steal the show.

Goddesses Of Stardom Championships – Queen’s Quest (Utami Hayashishita & Saya Kamitani) (C) vs Donna Del Mondo (Himeka & Maika)Himeka Maika Utami Hayashishita Saya Kamitani

5STAR Grand Prix winner Utami Hayashishita and Kamitani make defence number one of their tag team championships against QQ’s bitter enemies Donna Del Mondo.  Maika defeated Hayashishita in the GP and recently won a match involving Kamitani to become Future Of Stardom champion so she may be her teams secret weapon.  Himeka got to the final of the GP but lost to Hayashishita and could only manage a draw with Kamitani so QQ may have her number.  We think QQ wins here as Hayashishita is on the path to her World Of Stardom title match and will need all the wins she can get.

Wonder Of Stardom Championship – Giulia (C) vs Tam NakanoYokohama Cinderella

The feud between these two women rages on but hopefully, this is their last encounter for some time.  They wrestled over the vacant Wonder Of Stardom title not too long ago in a nearly half hour contest that many fans thought was a below average offering.  They then clashed in the 5STAR Grand Prix in a 10-minute sprint that showcased the best of both women in a hard hitting, intense match that Nakano won.  Now they meet in this rubber match that hopefully takes more inspiration from their GP match than their Korakuen Hall match.

World Of Stardom Championship – Mayu Iwatani (C) vs SyuriMayu iwatani Syuri Joshi Stardom

Mayu Iwatani defends her championship against Donna Del Mondo’s Syuri.  Since arriving in Stardom Syuri has only one pinfall defeat on her record and had a good showing in the Grand Prix, just missing out on winning her block.  Iwatani has a line of challengers lineup to face her including Takumi Iroha who is after her title shot which means that Iwatani is likely to win here but this is Stardom and Syuri is in DDM so we may see a surprise here at Yokohama Cinderella.

Note: Yokohama Cinderella matches likely won’t begin uploading until October 5th as per the Stardom English language account

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