AWR: New Blood – Results (9/25/20)

New Blood

The Emerson Theater in Indianapolis was the scene for Asylum Wrestling Revolution’s (AWR) New Blood; a showcase of new and unfamiliar talent from Indiana and the wider region. A full house was able to bear witness to this coming together of the historic venue and the fresh talent on display.

The show was such a success that AWR has already confirmed New Blood 2 will take place at the same venue on Friday, October 17th.

Nate Matthews and Aaron Atlas stole the show with their main event and showed once more why they are two of the city’s brightest and fastest-rising stars. This breakneck back and forth contest also saw Atlas take a mean-looking back body drop through a wooden table, much to the delight of the typically raucous AWR crowd. It was Matthews who picked up the win, but this fledgling rivalry will undoubtedly be seen in another Indiana ring soon.

The revamped Jordan Dye let himself be known as he faced off against Vinny Rattlocke. The latter is a popular figure at AWR and had the crowd behind him as he battled with Dye. It was Dye – the self-appointed Cutthroat – that managed a victory via submission…after some underhanded tactics that left the Indianapolis crowd in uproar.

In tag team action, Black Cube Society (Angelo Gallaretto and Kevin Noire) tangled with the frat house-inflected Kappa Tappa Kegga. For the winners, the chance to go on to AWR: Revolution on October 18th and fight to become the company’s first-ever tag team champions. For the losers…ignominy. Alas, it was Black Cube Society who scored the victory, and the vicious pair are all in on next month’s show and the chance to make history.

The loudmouthed and caustic Tanner Keeler brought his curious blend of power and histrionics to Indianapolis and ultimately made light work of the wild and unhinged Chet Rippley. Keeler has been on a tear at New Wave Pro of late and continued his recent run of good fortune with a solid performance against Rippley. There is no doubt that Keeler will be welcomed back to AWR should the chance arise.

Kronus The Bezerker frightened the crowd, the ring announcer, the referee, and even made his opponent, Anakin Murphy, think twice. The young Murphy stood up to his fearsome opponent and gave it his all, but it was the monster who took the pinfall.

‘The Carnivore’ Remington Rohr overcame Justin Dream in the night’s second contest. The two powerhouses made the AWR ring shake to its very foundations. Dream is also known as “The Black Sheep” but was left counting them as he looked up at the lights.

Mitch Onyx and Johnny Faith opened the show and gave the fans a taste of what was to come. Onyx is a slick move with a big mouth, and on this occasion proved to be too much for the jingoistic and bruising Johnny Faith, who carried more than a shade of Sgt Buddy Lee Parker around him.

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