Preview: Marvelous – Rin Kadokura Return (9/11/20)

Rin Kadokura

Joshi promotion Marvelous hosts the return of Rin Kadokura who has missed many months of action due to injury and it just so happens that this event will be live-streamed internationally via PassMarket.  Kadokura’s return sees NEW-TRA team again as Rin and Takumi Iroha join forces once again in the main event.

KAORU vs Maria

KAORU very recently celebrated her 34th anniversary in wrestling and despite her age, she is still one of the most entertaining performers in Joshi.  The former AJW and GAEA performer will need to use every bit of experience she has to combat Maria.  Not even 2 years into her career Maria is already a top prospect in the Joshi scene and her growth over the past 2 years has been a treat to watch.  Youth vs Experience is an age-old trope in wrestling but this match personifies that more than any other and this should serve as a good opener.

Tomoko Watanabe vs Mei Hoshizuki

Another veteran clashing with a newcomer here as Watanabe faces Hoshizuki.  Much like Maria, Hoshizuki is just under 2 years into her career as a wrestler but she has already shown a lot of growth in that short time, she has at many points shown a never say die spirit and a fire that makes her the perfect performer to work with a veteran like Watanabe.  While not the performer she once was Watanabe is a versatile performer who should come away with the win here.

Leo Isaka vs Tetsuo Usui

Marvelous’ only male roster member Isaka takes on BASARA’s Usui.  Isaka often fights other men on the undercard of Marvelous shows and this one is no different. This is sure to be a good match as Isaka has talent.

Mio Momono vs Masha Slamovich

We get into the business end of the card here with the exciting match between Mio Momono and Masha Slamovich.  Everyone in Marvelous is currently fighting to be at the top of the card alongside Iroha and these women are two with the biggest claim to that spot.  Momono recently returned from a second terrible injury and she’s immediately reminded everyone that she is a special talent and comes into this one off the back of a win over HIRO’e.  Slamovich is a foreign talent who has taken to Marvelous like a duck to water and has looked strong all year, she does come into this one after a loss to Mikoto Shindo which she will be hoping to put in the rearview.  Momono’s speed and agility facing off with Slamovich’s hybrid style is sure to make for an interesting match-up.

NEW-TRA (Takumi Iroha & Rin Kadokura) vs Hibiki & Mikoto Shindo

NEW-TRA return to take on Hibiki and Shindo.  Both teams have a good dynamic with a more power-based performer teaming with a more athletic performer.  Iroha and Kadokura have more experience as a tag team which does give them the edge and Iroha is the practically unbeatable ace of Marvelous so one would think NEW-TRA comes away with the win here.  In actuality, Mikoto Shindo has recently passed her 2nd anniversary and debuted new gear so we think Shindo might get a big win here to further solidify her spot.  Shindo could definitely be a star for Marvelous and a win here would put her on the path for a high profile rematch with Takumi Iroha.  We’re really excited to see this match anyway as Hibiki and Iroha work really well together and Shindo is a top talent.

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