AEW Stars Set for First-Ever Dungeons and Dragons Twitch Stream

AEW Dungeons and Dragons

A few months ago, Ring of Honor began a new web series called “Roleplay of Honor,” where different stars would take part in streams of various Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Shortly after that, WWE superstars took part in a game as a special event to raise money for Red Nose Day. Tonight, ROH and WWE will be joined in that sphere as well-known D&D enthusiast and cosplayer Brandon Cutler, will be leading his AEW roster mates into battle in AEW’s first-ever Dungeons and Dragons Twitch stream.

Likely to be the Dungeon Master, whose responsibility is to adjudicate the rules, control all monsters and describe the game environment, Cutler began getting into D&D around four years ago with his first introduction being the Critical Role web series. From watching that, Cutler, who was already very much into table top games, became a huge fan of D&D and started to immerse himself into the fantasy world. So much so, that when Cutler returned to wrestling in 2018, his love of D&D and cosplay became part of his character.

As ardent D&D fans may have noticed, in AEW, Cutler’s ring gear, which is designed by his wife, features polyhedral die and his ring jacket is inspired by the five-headed dragon goddess, Tiamat, which features into many D&D campaigns. His entrance includes him rolling a multi-sided die (he’s used several varieties including the D12 and D20) as one would during their turn in a D&D game. As Cutler revealed on Being the Elite, he used to use an actual sized die but upon noticing the camera wasn’t picking it up, Cutler had a custom one made for his entrances. In addition, Cutler’s new tag team with Peter Avalon, is named the Initiative, which is a term in D&D that refers to when everyone rolls for the initiative to determine the order of turns during combat.

Cutler will be joined in the AEW Dungeons and Dragons game by Colt Cabana, Peter Avalon, Leva Bates, Orange Cassidy, Trent, and Chuck Taylor. The game will be live streamed on Cutler’s Twitch starting at 9 PM PT/ 12 AM ET.

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