Pro Wrestling ZERO1 Stays Alive, Megumi Kudo To Train A Joshi Division

Pro Wrestling ZERO1

We previously covered the news that Pro Wrestling ZERO1 was in a dire situation due to COVID-19.  During a recent press conference, ZERO1 announced that they had been acquired by a new parent company and would be staying open.  This new backer has experience in the wrestling business as they were previously involved with Atsushi Onita and the infamous Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestlinng (FMW)

Along with that comes the news that Australian veteran and ZERO1 regular Hartley Jackson will now be the promotion’s trainer of male wrestlers.  Aja Kong has also become the new president of Super Fireworks Pro Wrestling which appears to be a more deathmatch oriented brand of ZERO1 which hosted a Blast Queen Title Super Plasma Blast Death Match earlier this year between Kong, Hiroyo Matsumoto and Ozaki-Gun of Mayumi Ozaki and Saori Anou as part of their feud in OZ Academy.

Continuing the FMW connection the promotion also announced it plans to have a women’s division with FMW legend Megumi Kudo coming in to train the women, her aim is to have a division of homegrown talents ready to debut by ZERO1’s 20th-anniversary show in March 2021.  This is very exciting news as Kudo was FMW’s women’s ace and having her back in the business training up wrestlers in her image is an interesting development

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