#AndNEW: Akira Tozawa Uses Ninjas and Bobby Lashley to Claim 24/7 Championship

akira tozawa
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Billed as the championship edition of Monday Night Raw, all titles were set to be defended including the 24/7 Championship which R-Truth had recaptured from longest-reigning champion Rob Gronkowski a little under a month ago. Truth was set to defend the title in a straight wrestling match, where the 24/7 rules would temporarily be suspended. This would have marked the first time since March that the title was defended in the ring. But, as it would turn out, there would be no match and instead, Akira Tozawa would take advantage of Bobby Lashley, some ninjas, and a knocked out Truth to claim his second-ever reign with the 24/7 Championship.

Set to face Tozawa, Truth hilariously began the night mistaking Nia Jax for his opponent. Once Jax straightened him out, Truth returned to the ring later during the broadcast only to be met by Tozawa, who following his return at Backlash, is now accompanied to the ring by ninjas because…reasons. Anyway, just as the bell was about to ring an irate Lashley, who last week lost in a championship match when his partner MVP was pinned by R-Truth, exacted revenge by bulldozing the 24/7 Champion and knocking him out cold, while also taking out Tozawa’s ninja contingent.

But Akira Tozawa himself hid under the ring and once Lashley and MVP left the ring, the former 24/7 and Cruiserweight Champion emerged from his hiding spot under the ramp to pin R-Truth and recapture the title he last held in December 2019. Now a two-time champion, Tozawa’s current reign has already lasted longer than his first as that one was less than a day as he lost the title to Santa Claus (played by indie wrestler Bear Bronson) during a sightseeing trip of Rockefeller Center.

Truth’s loss puts an end to his astounding 36th reign with the title, which he has now held for a combined 172 days.

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