#AndNEW: R-Truth Recaptures 24/7 Championship in Hilarious Fashion

r-truth 24/7
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Riddick Moss was doing his best to social distance, out for a nice quiet and peaceful jog. Now, does Moss always jog with the 24/7 Championship around his waist? One will never know. At least they won’t know anytime soon as thanks to a well-timed visit from WWE referee Darrick Moore and R-Truth, the WWE 24/7 Championship changed hands on Sunday afternoon.

That makes R-Truth the “5-time, 5-time, 5-time…,” well if we’re being specific, the 5-times seven 24/7 Champion. That’s right, Truth’s victory over Moss makes him an astounding 35-time 24/7 Champion. In case you didn’t guess, that’s a record and it’s not even close. Holding the second most amount of reigns is a tie between Mojo Rawley and Drake Maverick at six. Overall there have been 94 reigns between 35 different wrestlers, personalities or celebrities. That means that Truth has over 1/3 the number of total title reigns. Needless to say, this is his title, no matter whose waist it may temporarily find itself around.

While enjoying his jog around the neighborhood in Orlando, Moss, who had been enjoying his record 40-day 24/7 Championship reign, was met by referee Darrick Moore, who drove up in his car, fully dressed. Immediately, Moss knew what was going on and demanded Moore to tell him who sent him. Moore played dumb, saying he was just out for a ride in his new car. Whether that was true or not (Moore later tweeted he has no idea how Truth got in his car without him noticing), the distraction of him and Moss bickering allowed R-Truth the opportunity to pop out of the trunk and roll-up Moss for the 1-2-3. Because like a good ref, Moore was instantly ready to make the count. Telling him to, “go back to football, Randy Moss!” Truth drove away in Moore’s vehicle, his baby in tow.

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